6 Great SlideShares Helping To Find Your Target Audience On LinkedIn

One of the greatest benefits LinkedIn offers is the ability to communicate directly with your target audience.  However, with over 300 million users on LinkedIn, finding one’s target audience is not the easiest thing to do.  It requires some planning, testing and effort. Find your target audience on LinkedIn

Clearly, there are many great resources to turn to for help with this topic, but one of the best ones might be to utilize SlideShare (which by the way, is owned by LinkedIn). These presentations contain a great deal of knowledge that can be used in order to enhance your own LinkedIn experience.  Here are seven interesting SlideShare presentations that can help you find your target on audience on LinkedIn.

If I Were 22 – LinkedIn Infographic

(created by LinkedIn)

A very interesting perspective (via an infographic) of what today’s LinkedIn influencers looked like when they were 22.  For instance:

  • Nearly 86% of the LinkedIn users polled are working in a professional field that they would have never imagined.
  • That only 2% of 22 year olds believe their most important skill is their knowledge.

This could provide insight to help you better understand how people develop in their professional lives.  Thinking well out of the box, perhaps understanding how certain influencers evolve could potentially help you anticipate where to position yourself professionally to find your target audience on LinkedIn.  There’s quite a bit of insightful data provided by LinkedIn.  You’re in for a treat with this graphic.

[slideshare id=34887289]

LinkedIn Basics & Beyond: 2014 Edition 

(created by Pam Ann Marketing)

This presentation is a great introduction for LinkedIn users.  It highlights the basic “Do’s & Don’ts” for creating an optimal and valuable LinkedIn profile.  It also features great information on how to find your target audience by using simple features built into the platform.  Here are a few tips you can find in the presentation:

  • DO: Join LinkedIn groups and post actively.  You should be sharing genuinely useful information that will engage your community.
  • DON’T: Join groups you’re interested in.  Join groups that your target prospects are in.
  • DO: Be sure to be strategic and specific with how you present yourself to other users.
[slideshare id=35464556]

Advanced LinkedIn

(Created by Milena Regos)

What caught our eye about this presentation was that its creator was talking about issues that most people do not talk about.  If you like reading “Best Practices,”  you’ll enjoy this SlideShare.  In it Milena…

  • breaks down and gives a great deal of insight on LinkedIn Ads
  • highlights ad campaigns and offers tips and advice on how to specifically target your campaign to find your target audience on LinkedIn.
  • focuses on tracking business goals, growing your page & analyzing the conversion rate of your content. 
  • digs into LinkedIn groups
  • address how to effectively engage your network.
[slideshare id=24621678]

How to Rock the Perfect LinkedIn Profile

(created by LinkedIn)

Here’s a great presentation about a musician, Matt Henshaw, who used LinkedIn to rejuvenate his professional music career.  He offers fantastic information on how to be found by using the search tools, along with the skills and endorsements feature. Matt is a prime example of how powerful LinkedIn is to find your target audience.  He was able to search, find, and interact with his target audience leading him to a new job in the music world.  A must read for all LinkedIn users!

[slideshare id=35310578]

LinkedIn Company Pages Playbook

(created by LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

This presentation shows a handful of simple ways to enhance your companies LinkedIn page.  It is essential to first find your target audience, inform them and then engage them within your own community.  Engaging them helps build connections, which leads to a higher conversion rate and more business.  A few tips that could be found in the presentation include:

  • Asking members for feedback will increase your volume of comments by over 50%.
  • Linking to relevant “best-of” lists that can amplify your own content and your own business.
  • Posting videos and other interactive media will help amplify and generate more interest toward your brand.

[slideshare id=24116587]

5 Rules for Content Marketing on LinkedIn

(create by Oneupweb)

Content is what separates the winners from the losers.  This insightful SlideShare presentation highlights the five essential rules for finding your target audience and distributing your content to them effectively.  All LinkedIn users should follow these five simple rules in order to control and optimize the content they distribute to their network.  Consider these two rules …

  • Optimizing for the user  – You should attempt to make your content available on as many platforms possible.
  • Losing the Sales Shtick – Do not try to sell your ideas or content, rather draw interest from your users.  Your content should be able to sell itself with the proper positioning and audience.
[slideshare id=31628157]

Finding your target audience on LinkedIn is both undoubtedly powerful as well as very challenging.  These SlideShares provide insight to help make your path less challenging.  What are some of your tips you would add to these?