There are many conversion optimization services for your website out there and all of them are based on analytics. In the realm of analytics, there are free and amazingly powerful platforms available, like Google Analytics. With so many low-cost ways to access the data you need to do conversion optimization, is there any advantage to paying for a service that enables you to do it better?

On this episode, Bernie chats with Clare Carr, Vice President of Marketing at, Inc. If you’re wondering what is, it’s not food related, despite the name. Rather, is an analytics platform that does a lot more than the free options. In this conversation, Clare explains exactly what their platform analyzes and demonstrates how companies use their comprehensive data to measure the performance of their content, conversions, and shares three examples.

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In this conversation, Clare Carr mentions that while every sales organization should rightly be focused on conversions, there is a lot more to analyze than visit to lead conversion or whether people buy your product or service or not. She points out that marketing teams gain a competitive advantage by knowing which of the many content pieces they are publishing are getting the REAL attention of those who find it.

You can track those metrics in an elementary way in your Google Analytics dashboard – if you can find it – but all it will tell you is the time spent on each page by a visitor. But you need to know if they are really consuming the content, or if they have left the browser window open while they are actually doing something else and not consuming the content. In this week’s episode, Clare explains how measures true engagement through what they call “heartbeat” assessments of web page actions. Don’t miss it!

Content Analytics Enable You To Create More Of What’s Working

Imagine that your marketing team has invested weeks in the creation of a number of content pieces aimed at your target market. You’ve done your keyword research. You’re confident about them. They all seem like good bets when it comes to drawing attention and engaging readers. But are they? How will you know?

It’s important to have a specific, tangible way to evaluate content pieces, and whether or not they are achieving your goals. Clare Carr explains not only why this kind of analytics assessment is important, but also how it can be done in a way that gives you more data than typical platforms provide. It’s all on this episode of Social Business Engine.

The Right Measurements Of Engagement Enable You To Ask The Right Questions

If you don’t have accurate data concerning the messaging you’re sending into your target market you’ll never know if what you’re doing is effective. And even once you know what’s effective, you need to know the right questions to ask that will enable you to know WHY it is effective – so that you can produce more of that same type of content.

On this episode, Clare Carr explains how to get the right data about your content and conversions so that you are able to ask the right questions. It’s the only way to truly know what’s happening with your marketing, content, and conversions and thus, the only way to refine your campaigns based on data instead of hunches.

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With over 1 Billion people online, it’s hard to track what the important topics being discussed worldwide really are. Powerhouse Google has a platform that enables them to make use of search and social data, but the rest of us don’t have access to that type of information – until now.

In this podcast, Clare Carr introduces’s newest analytics tool – Currents. It’s the world’s first public view of what those 1 billion people who are online care about. You can use attention trends to uncover the content that matters and is being talked about to better aim your marketing and content curation efforts to attract the audience you want to attract.

In this conversation, Clare reveals how you can become a beta user of this exciting new tool and have access to it for free.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:52]’s powerful analytics platform for evaluating content
  • [2:55] Metrics are important for more than conversions
  • [5:16] What does it mean to measure attention and why is attention valuable?
  • [11:10] Use cases to show how to do website analytics in a more powerful way
  • [19:27] The power of the “Currents” tool

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