Episode 173 is a special episode. I joined up with two of my co-founders at Vengreso on a recorded Zoom video call to discuss podcasting. When you listen to the podcast above or watch the video below you’ll meet Phil Gerbyshak, Chief Digital Officer at Vengreso, and Mario Martinez, Jr., CEO at Vengreso. Phil and Mario both host their own podcast. Essentially, the Vengreso team has three podcasts. On this episode, we explain what they are, how each is unique, and frankly why we think you might care. You’ll also hear why we podcast and how having one helps to build your credibility and influence.

Selling With Social

Mario launched Selling With Social in January 2017. He features sales leaders sharing their sales strategies. His listeners are sales leaders, sales enablers, and those in sales operations. Anyone supporting sales will see benefit from tuning into his podcast episodes. The sales strategies his guests reveal can help those responsible for client acquisition and retention to grow revenue, sales, and relationships.

Conversations with Phil

Conversations with Phil features thought leaders and sales practitioners. Phil’s guests discuss thought leadership, sales mindset, sales culture, and the practical and tactical aspects of sales. The focus is on looking at where you are and getting to where you want to be.

Social Business Engine

If you’re new to the Social Business Engine Podcast, my show features marketing leaders. In the 170 plus episodes, I’ve featured authors, analysts, and practitioners of social and digital strategy discussing their results. The topics covered include marketing technology, content marketing, employee advocacy, social selling, artificial intelligence, and more. Listeners learn actionable takeaways to apply to their own digital strategies.

Podcasting as a Medium

Podcasts are both educational and entertaining, through listening you learn new ideas that support growth. It’s a medium that’s gaining popularity, and overall not many people are doing it, yet. Podcasting serves as an opportunity to be in an area where our competitors are not. It’s easier to consume podcasts during everyday life than a wordy blog post or video. People listen to podcasts during their commutes, while working out, while walking the dog, etc.

Mario says he started his podcast in part because he doesn’t like to write. He also pointed out how with zero advertising spend our podcasts have gone from a few to thousands of listeners. The ability to learn alongside the listener is Phil’s draw to podcasting. He says listening to conversations is an intimate experience. It brings up new ideas and adds a sense of relatability to the podcaster and their guest. Having a podcast allows you to influence people.

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Personally, I podcast for the relationship building and to keep a finger on the pulse of what businesses are doing. The credibility gained through podcasting also brings about sponsorship opportunities. When selectively chosen, these partnerships can add significant value for your listener. Mario remarked that it’s all about growing the mindset. “If you can develop and grow your mindset and skillset, it will help you to leverage the right toolset to advance and grow your sales.”