On this episode Social Business Engine podcast host Bernie Borges summarizes key takeaways from recent episodes featuring digital sales and marketing practitioners at Adobe, Conversica, Oracle, Verizon and SAP.

It’s undeniable that digital sales and marketing are here to stay. Any company that is going to be a competitor in the B2B environment has to provide its sales and marketing teams the digital tools and training needed in order to be successful. The Social Business Engine Podcast is the one resource where you can hear in-the-trenches examples of how companies large and small are creating their own digital transformation in marketing and sales.

In this episode Bernie Borges, CMO of Vengreso and your host explains why digital transformation in sales, marketing, and customer facing functions of companies are so important to him. On this episode, Bernie highlights his takeaways from recent episodes that demonstrate the focus of the Social Business Engine podcast and why you will continue to learn from it.

Spotlighting Those With Digital Sales Transformation Stories To Tell

Many sales and marketing related podcasts feature authors or sales coaches who help individuals increase their sales skills to advance their careers. Those podcasts are great and very needed – but it’s not the focus of the Social Business Engine podcast. SBE’s host, Bernie Borges is excited to highlight those in leadership or management positions who have digital transformation stories in the trenches to inspire you in your own digital transformation journey.

In every episode, Bernie speaks with practitioners who are capitalizing on the digital and social-media-driven nature of society to increase their company’s ability to engage their employees, prospects and customers more effectively. In this episode, you’ll hear how Adobe is infusing social media into every aspect of its business, how Conversica is using AI-power sales assistants to fuel sales, and more.

After you listen to this episode you’ll understand why Bernie is so passionate about focusing the Social Business Engine podcast on the world of B2B sales and marketing digital transformation.

Digital Sales Enablement: Infusing Social Media Into All Aspects of Business

Episode 153 of Social Business Engine introduced listeners to Adobe’s Head of Social Business Enablement, Lauren Friedman. Her goal at Adobe is to infuse social media into all aspects of what Adobe does as a company.

In the episode, Bernie highlights how Lauren and the team at Adobe are helping employees use social media to achieve their business objectives. This includes training courses such as Social Selling, Social for Product Management, Social for Talent Acquisition, etc. Her team also leads the Employee Advocacy program at Adobe where they work to enable all employees to effectively use social media personally and professionally.

That last point is one that most companies are not doing very well to date. But it’s a mindset and strategy that is becoming more and more vital for B2B digital sales as we move into the future. Listen as Bernie explains why the topic is so relevant and why sales and marketing leaders must learn from examples like Adobe’s in order to empower their own sales teams.

The SBE Podcast Introduced You To How Conversational AI Can Amplify Digital Sales

Episode 188 of The Social Business Engine Podcast features Bernie’s a conversation with Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. Conversica is doing some incredible things in the digital sales ecosystem through AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the form of digital sales assistants. Their AI-powered sales assistants become part of sales and marketing teams. These assistants can automatically contact and engage prospects via email at scale using natural language conversation until the prospect either turns into a willing sales conversation, or opts out.

Episodes 197 through 201 feature SAP’s impressive global social selling strategy. There is much to admire about their digital transformation story. Among many achievements, SAP is succeeding at aligning marketing and sales in support of their global social selling program. They’ve trained 12,000 sales reps across the globe. The results are truly impressive with reps creating sales opportunities that are more than 5x the size of deals of those not created through social selling. Also impressive is the innovative approach SAP has taken to measuring results. Catch episode 201 to hear all about these innovative techniques.

As the Social Business Engine podcast has move through the milestone of 200 published episodes, Bernie wants you to know that he is committed to delivering inspirational examples of digital transformation in the trenches.

We can’t predict if there will be another 200 episodes to this podcast show. We can, however, commit to staying true to the mission of helping you learn from digital sales and marketing practitioners in the trenches.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:03] The direction and purpose of the Social Business Engine podcast
  • [3:42] A quick recap of the most recent episodes highlighting SAP
  • [5:37] 5 episodes that highlight the focus of the SBE podcast
  • [25:06] A final request from Bernie: Would you rate and review the podcast?