Bernie’s guest for this episode of Social Business Engine is Tammy Boyd, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Neuro International. Bernie invited her on this episode because she is actively building her personal brand to elevate her company’s corporate brand. Tammy saw that her company was not embracing digital and social marketing strategies but she was determined to make an impact in her industry through her own personal brand.

This conversation is full of insights that walk you through the evolution of her personal brand and how she learned the importance of serving other industry leaders through expert knowledge sharing. Tammy is leveraging her personal brand to bring heightened recognition to Neuro International and her story is an inspiring one that you don’t want to miss. Check it out!

Why a Lack of Corporate Digital Marketing Inspired Tammy to Build her Personal Brand

Florida-based Neuro International is a post-acute provider for brain or spinal injury patients. Like many companies in the healthcare industry, NI’s executives have not yet embraced digital marketing strategies for corporate brand elevation. In this episode, Tammy explains that because she’s a competitive person, she wanted to seek out areas where competitors weren’t succeeding and move NI into those sectors.

She discovered digital marketing and personal branding while attending a national conference as an exhibitor. She noticed that throughout the conference the organizers were tracking the top 20 social influencers via Twitter and thought to herself, “I could learn how to do this and earn a place on that list!”

By the end of the conference, she accomplished that goal and fell in love with communicating messages through social media. From there she attended workshops, studied voraciously, and was determined to build a rock solid personal brand in order to add value to her industry and company. Her journey is understood best by listening to this episode, don’t miss it.

How Neuro International’s Corporate Brand is Enhanced Through Tammy’s Personal Brand

After Tammy began her personal branding journey she was met with great appreciation and “ecstatic reactions” at Neuro International. Although NI’s executives hadn’t yet started the corporate brand journey, the company saw a monumental increase in national recognition as an industry leader because of Tammy’s personal brand. She calls it: The Golden Halo Effect, and explains that her CEO was in awe of her calculated risk-taking.

During this conversation, Tammy explains how her role allows her to spread messages effectively while still allowing clinicians to provide top-notch patient care and connect with their peers in the industry. Neuro International has discovered open doors to new opportunities, innovative networking experiences, and enhanced credibility all because of the work Tammy has done through her personal brand.

It’s clear that Tammy did not set out to build her personal brand for recognition, but rather because of an intense desire to improve her company’s brand as well as to have a positive impact on the industry as a whole. Her determination will inspire you – listen now!

Tenacity is Essential for Digital Marketing Success

The biggest takeaway from Bernie’s conversation with Tammy is her tenacity as she has sought personal and corporate brand excellence.

For marketers seeking to build a personal or corporate brand, this episode is full of insights that you can’t afford to miss. Learn from Tammy’s personal branding journey on her quest to elevate Neuro International’s corporate brand, and enjoy an inspiring conversation on this episode of Social Business Engine.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:30] Bernie introduces his guest for this episode, Tammy Boyd, VP of Business Development and Marketing for Neuro International
  • [4:30] The evolution of Tammy’s personal branding journey
  • [9:10] Bernie shares Tammy’s recent accolades in digital marketing
  • [12:30] The impact Tammy’s personal brand has had on her company
  • [16:33] The power behind having a woman in her role as VP of Business Development & Marketing
  • [18:52] Bernie summarizes his conversation with Tammy