When I first launched my digital marketing agency fourteen years ago, I changed my elevator pitch to say “I’m a digital marketing consultant.”

Since pouring myself into social selling practices as a trainer and coach for B2B clients I realized that I wouldn’t even have clients without a sales effort.

salessurvivalguide_coverpageWhen I recently started reading The Pocket Guide for Sales Survival by Randy Bernard and Jason DeAmato, my eyes were opened wide. This book is a set of 161 principles. The authors call them “rules.”

Rule #1 is to be proud to be in sales.

By adjusting my mindset with a conscious pride of being in sales, I realized that I’m helping people in businesses to sell more through content marketing and social strategy. This mindset is game changing for me and for my clients.

The practices I teach in my online courses and live workshops are all centered around using social networks and relevant content to engage with people to build relationships that lead to business opportunities.

These principles are most effectively implemented when I have a servant’s mindset intent on helping people such as clients, prospective clients, colleagues, friends and my local community.

I firmly believe, and it’s been proven countless times, that sales professionals who are helpful are most successful in the long run.

So, starting today I’m applying rule #1 to the fullest by saying that I’m proud to be in sales!

Marketers are in Sales Too

If you’re a marketer, whether at a brand or at an agency/consultancy, you might be thinking this doesn’t apply to you. I challenge you to think again.

How often do you have to sell yourself or your ideas? Do you participate in sales conversations to win new business? Think about the situations where you need to convince someone of something that you need to achieve an outcome.

While these situations may not be a “quota carrying” sales scenario, the truth is that you’re selling.

The Purpose of Every Business

Consider this reason to be proud to be in sales. Every business exists to produce profitable revenue. However, the customer doesn’t care about your need to produce revenue. The customer cares about her needs.

When you resolve a need for a customer better than your competitors, you make a sale. People’s jobs depend on sales. Families depend on sales. A healthy economy is driven by sales.

How could I not be proud to contribute to the economy, employees and their families by resolving needs for a customer, resulting in a sale?

Thank you Randy Bernard and Jason DeAmato for lighting this light bulb for me!

Catch my Poolside Sales Chat video on this. I’ll reward you for watching the video to the end (it’s only 5 minutes) with an offer to receive a free copy of The Pocket Guide for Sales Survival: 161 Vital Rules for Selling Anything to Anyone, Anywhere.

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