I’m on a mission to convince B2B sales professionals that social media is just a communication and engagement channel. On a recent blog post on Social Business Engine I summarize 8 reasons that B2B sales professionals should be using social media to succeed.

78% of sales people who use social media perform better than those who don’t.

The stat above comes from a HubSpot article. I actually think it’s actually closer to about 98%. Think about it, if you use the phone to talk or email to communicate, of course you’re going to use social media to communicate. My point is that social media is simply the third leg in the communication stool of the past 100 years. It’s only logical.

Said another way, if B2B sales people are not engaging with buyers where they go to seek information, they’re missing out on sales conversations. We know that 75% of B2B buyers use social media to conduct research for products and services. So, why wouldn’t you engage them there?

But, remember your buyers aren’t on social media waiting for you to sell to them. So, how does a B2B sales person start a sales conversation on social media?

I discuss this on episode 23 of Poolside Sales Chat:

Be Useful to Your Buyer

Know thy buyer. Know your buyer’s journey. Post relevant content that addresses each stage of the buyer’s journey to be discoverable and get discovered. Address each aspect of the buyer’s journey through the content you post. You can curate content just as effectively as creating content as long as it’s content that is useful to your buyer.

Insert yourself into the buyer’s research process by being desirable to the buyer. I mean desirable because you’re a source of valuable and relevant information to your buyer. Follow conversations in LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. Using discretion, insert yourself by engaging in conversation, looking for the right moment to take a conversation offline through authentic engagement.

Similarly, follow hashtags streams on Twitter to discover online conversations that can lead to offline conversations.

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