One of the more popular topics I cover when speaking at the Social Media Strategies Summit events is Google Analytics—and it makes sense.

While Google Analytics is the most well-known and widely-used website tracking platform, most marketers only scratch the surface when it comes to extracting value from the platform.

In this short video series, we will explore some of the most valuable assets that exist (for free!) within the Google Analytics dashboard. What’s more, in addition to covering some of the platform’s functionality, we’ll review some helpful tips for how to maximize your dashboard’s capabilities. There is a lot going on in a well-managed Google Analytics dashboard, and if you’re not keeping it organized it can easily become overwhelming. (A majority of tips will address this very issue.)

One of the most overlooked and underutilized features of Google Analytics is the Goals component of the dashboard. This is largely due to a lack of understanding that a Goal can be measured by so much more than a simple monetary conversion.

This first video teaches you how to create Goals with Google Analytics while describing the value of this feature.

The short video above will help you leverage Google Analytic’s Goals feature to better understand, track and maximize your campaigns. Be sure to check back regularly for new videos on the topic in this series presented by Social Media Strategies Summit and t2 Marketing International!