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With Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram getting all of your company’s time and ad-dollars you might be wondering if Snapchat marketing is worth your attention. We get it. A lot of our clients don’t want to waste their time on what could easily be a digital trend. However, let me assure you Snapchat marketing works and is worth at least the time it takes to read this article.

Using Snapchat to Soar

Did you know there are over 158 million people using Snapchat? It’s hard to imagine that number is accurate, especially if you are not a user. Just keeping that statistic in mind, it almost feels like not using Snapchat will cause you to miss out on a great marketing opportunity. Alright, there you have it, a lot of users… guess that’s all we need to say? Not so fast.

If you are on Facebook, you already know that a lot of users doesn’t automatically translate to new customers. So, with that in mind, we have decided to examine a few of the ways you can use Snapchat to up your marketing game.

Filter Mania

People love a good filter. It’s a fact of life in 2017, and we don’t see that trend dying anytime soon. However, we do believe the trend will continue to evolve as the novelty of specific filters wears off, and new ones appear.

With Snapchat you can create custom filters. Better yet, you can design a custom filter and purchase the ability to have it show up in Snapchat for people in a specific area. These areas can be fine tuned all the way down to the building you want to target. This means that if you are participating in a trade show, you can have a Snapchat filter created and distributed to only the people at the show. This allows potential new customers to interact with your brand in a modern and trendy way while also speaking directly to you at the trade show. Additionally, they will be sending out their snaps with your filter and logo to their friends and followers across the globe.

Please note that we have noticed a lot of filters are not organically found by Snapchat users, so it always helps to have some signage at your booth directing people to Snapchat so they will see your filter is available.

Snapchat Followers

You should be taking fresh snaps and adding them to your company’s story. And if you are saying, “but we don’t have a company Snapchat account” then now is the time to get one.

Your company’s Snapchat story is like the equivalent of a Facebook news feed. It’s where your followers can check up on you and see what you are doing. Unlike the Facebook news feed, we don’t suggest trying to communicate a lengthy message. Instead, you should focus on flashy visually interesting pictures.

Some companies use Snapchat as a way to showcase the voice and culture of the company. There is nothing wrong with taking a picture of you and your coworkers on a Friday morning and then applying a fun filter to it. Snapchat is fun, and your followers want to have fun when they are using it.

Don’t get us wrong, Snapchat is still a useful tool for product marketing, but “fun” is always going to be the key. If you have a new product to unveil, it won’t hurt to show it off on Snapchat.

Snapping It All Up

Consider this scenario. Imagine your business is at a tradeshow. At that tradeshow, you unveil a new product, interact with potential customers, and have an all-around great time. This entire scenario gets even better because you’ve created a custom filter and everyone that visits your booth can’t help themselves, and they all take a few snaps to try out the filter. Thus growing your brand awareness. Now, imagine that while this has been going, you’ve been taking snaps and feeding them to your story, beaming all of the good you are doing at the tradeshow to your loyal followers. Sounds like a win-win, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get snapping!