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Maintaining a blog for your business is no easy feat. Every hour spent writing about your company is an hour less you have to serve your clients. Still, we know that companies with blogs have a much better chance to be found in internet searches.

Consider these statistics from HubSpot. The average company that blogs has:

  • 55% more visitors
  • 97% more inbound links
  • 434% more indexed pages

One of the most popular solutions for business owners who need blog content and don’t have time to blog is to outsource the task to freelance writers. Outsourcing is a great solution, but you need to remember one thing. You get what you pay for when you hire a freelancer.

Your chances of finding a high-quality writer increase significantly when you work through a service, but just as all writers are not the same, all services are not the same either. An excellent freelancing company will pre-screen writers and will only allow qualified writers to complete your writing assignmentsAnother benefit of a service is that the writer is held accountable by the freelance company. If they desire to continue to earn money freelancing, they will abide by the standards the company establishes.

Freelancing writing companies provide a range of prices for writers and allow you to cap the cost of a project. Before you pay a freelancer for your next piece of content, check out these freelance writer sites for high-quality content that won’t break the bank.

The Ultimate List of Places to Find Freelance Writers:

  • Zerys
    • Zerys received Hubspot’s Highest Rated Content Platform: App of the Year Award.
    • Zerys makes it very easy for clients to communicate directly with writers through the website platform.
    • Conduct simple writer auditions to search over 60,000 pro writers and get custom samples within hours.
    • Build a team of preferred writers who you can assign projects to on a repeat basis.
  • BlogMutt
    • Flat rate for posts paid. Clients request a minimum word count.
    • Content runs through BlogMutt’s editing software before it goes to the clients.
    • Each blog post assigned is open to all writers within a specific ranking. Clients have the option to purchase the post they prefer from all submissions.
    • BlogMutt aims to partner only with US-based writers.
  • Writer Access
    • Accounts include access to scheduling software.
    • There are 6 writing ranks and writers take screening tests to rise in ranks.
    • Clients can set up casting calls before assigning writing assignments to hand pick a writer to work with directly.
    • Clients can set time limits for assignments to be accepted and submitted for approval, as well as set time limits on requested revisions.
    • Writers have the opportunity to apply for specific badges highlighting their skills. This allows clients an additional level of screening when looking for a writer with whom to partner. Divisions include General Writer, Copywriter, Journalist, Tech Writer and Legal.
    • Copyscape is utilized to prevent plagiarism.
  • Upwork
    • Upwork freelancers go beyond blog writing and include web development, mobile designers, graphics and many other categories.
    • Upwork limits how many freelancers they approve in any one category which can limit the pool of candidates, but also filters out weaker or less committed candidates.
  • Textbroker
    • Textbroker prices begin at slightly over one penny per word.
    • They contract with native speakers in 15 different languages.
    • Textbroker offers a variety of client services such as content marketing training.
  • Scripted
    • Scripted offers smart match services to pair clients and writers together in addition to allowing a client to select a writer.
    • First drafts are guaranteed within one week.
    • Their tools make it easy to select a template format, share your brief, upload style guides, and provide reference materials.
  • Constant Content
    • Constant Content boasts a 48-hour deadline they never miss.
    • Content is hand-edited, not run through software.
    • Copyscape is utilized to prevent plagiarism with all content.
    • Constant Content has compiled a group of SEO writers who understand the need to write “for both human eyes and search engine bots, resulting in SEO articles” that rank higher.
  • Copywriter Today
    • This service functions with a monthly subscription for content.
    • They have a team of more than 50 writers, all native English speakers based in the United States.
    • Clients state they like being able to send as many content requests as they need at set rates.
  • Problogger
    • Problogger is “dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.”
    • The site has educational information helpful for any business owner looking to improve as a blogger and earn money with their blogs.
    • Problogger offers specific tips to companies to help them attract the best writers suited for each job posted.
    • They state that each job response varies with some writing requests receiving multiple responses while others may only have a few writers available.
  • Belay Solutions
    • Belay Solutions matches clients with top quality writers who are considered industry experts.
    • Contracts are purchased by the month for a specific word allotment.
    • Screened writers can match with clients seeking technical short and long-form content.
    • nDash puts you in complete control of budget, deadlines and key details when creating an assignment.
    • Request and receive unique content ideas specific to your brand.
    • Marketers choose nDash to find writers with specific subject matter expertise.

Now that you have trustworthy sources to develop your content, a huge load has been lifted but it’s vital to remember that just having good content is not enough.

For search engines to find your content, it must be optimized for SEO, and it also needs further promotion through social media channels and email marketing. Many small businesses contract out these additional tasks for the same reason they seek out freelancers. It takes time away from other business development activities and limits their availability to clients.

Freelancing sites screen for writing skills. This does not guarantee they also check a writer’s SEO knowledge. Most sites allow a writer to post a resume or short biography and trust that the writer is advertising their skills and services honestly. It can be risky to add marketing content directly from a freelancer if you don’t understand SEO. The freelancer will be paid for the written material regardless of how well it is optimized.

As a business owner, you know that maximizing your time and budget is best achieved by outsourcing tasks you don’t have time to complete, as well as those that require expert skills. Taking the time to find a marketing agency that understands your company’s mission and will work with you to find the best writers to create high-quality content is an excellent way to maximize your marketing budget. A great marketer will take freelanced content and edit it further as well as optimize it for SEO, and they will also transparently report on the success or lack of progress on their SEO efforts.

Are you ready to maximize your marketing? Our marketing packages include content strategy, blog and website copywriting, promotion and SEO. When you combine all of these, you’ll achieve greater digital marketing success than you would by simply hiring a freelance writer. Give us a call and let’s work together to optimize your online marketing efforts.