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You know that awesome blog post you just wrote that isn’t getting the digital traction it deserves? Maybe a little content repurposing would help it reach a larger audience. Video content gets higher engagement than images and links. If you could easily turn that post into a video by investing just a few extra minutes of your time, would you try it?

Internet users are increasingly more interested in visual content than written content and are more interested in consuming content from social media than from blogs.

Here’s why it’s a great idea to repurpose content by turning your blog posts into videos:

(Source: Wordstream)

Why Repurpose Your Content?

You’ve already written great content. Repurposing your blog content in multiple ways saves time and allows you to reach your audience on different platforms. There are segments of your audience that prefer to read blog posts, while others prefer video. Your content will have much broader reach if you serve both audiences.

How do you turn a blog post into a video? There are a few key points to keep in mind since videos need to be shorter and more concise to hold the viewer’s attention.

Key Elements of a Great Blog Turned Into a Video

  1. Hit the main points – Don’t use your blog post as a word-for-word script for the video. Instead, highlight the main points to tell the story in as few words as possible.
  2. Keep it short – Videos that are less than 2 minutes long get the most engagement. You only have a few seconds before you lose their attention.
  3. End with a call-to-action – Tell the viewer what to do next, such as visit your website for the full article, subscribe to your blog, subscribe to your YouTube channel, or download a pdf.

Videos shared on social media should be brief and compelling. Set up the problem and then highlight why it needs to be solved, how to solve it, and the expected positive outcome. Then, end with a call-to-action. If you are turning a long blog post into a video, consider making a series of videos, each covering a different main point.

Turn Blog Posts into Videos With These 3 Tools


Lumen5 came to my attention when a client shared an awesome video they made. After I viewed it, I was amazed to learn that they offer a free option that is every bit as good as the paid option in terms of features. The video resolution is lower with the free version, but for most users that will not be an issue. I used it myself and was able to make a video from a blog post in about an hour. It was super easy to use.

I found that editing is key. It’s tempting to want to include a lot of information, but as I mentioned above, brevity is crucial. What I learned is that by using more powerful, impactful words I could get my point across in fewer words.

How to create a video with Lumen5:

Click Create Video then choose a blog article. Insert the URL of the article that you will be using the create the video.

lumen5 choose article.png

Build Your Story

The tool imports your blog article so that you can use it to highlight the text you want to include in the video. You can edit the text as you go along and you will be able to edit it further along in the creation process as well. Click the + sign to add the next line of text. Keep going until your entire story is built.

lumen5 build story.png

I’m going to keep the video brief, so I decided to cut it down to “What is the Purpose of a Blog?”

You can add additional lines by clicking the + sign or by selecting a sentence and it will automatically generate the next line. You can then edit the line if you choose.

lumen5 build a story 2.png
After you have all your lines built, click Continue.

Add Media

The next screen will be a video that is auto-populated with images. Here’s where you get creative. You will select images or video from their library of millions of media files. You can also upload your own images.

lumen5 add media.png
The drag and drop feature makes it easy to switch out the images. On this screen, you can further edit your text and select text to highlight, so it stands out during the video.

Add Music and Branding

Select the soundtrack for your video. There are over 1,000 tracks to choose from. This may be the most enjoyable part of creating your video! Choose something that suits the tone of your message.

lumen5 add music.png

The Branding option allows you to choose the color of the highlighted text and add your watermark to the corner of the video as well as add your logo to the outro screen.

When you’re finished editing the video, click Continue and your preview video will be generated.

lumen5 video.png
Share Your Video

Once your video is generated, you’ll have the option to share it on Facebook or download it. After you download it, you’ll be able to add it add it to posts on other social media platforms.

Your video will be available in your account, and you can go back and edit it again if desired.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark videos are created in much the same way as Lumen5 videos. One additional option when creating Spark videos is the ability to use templates. There are some limitations in the free version that are worth noting. You can only select from certain text colors, and you can’t replace the Adobe Spark logo with your brand’s logo.

Content Samurai

Content Samurai is similar to Lumen5 and Adobe Spark in that it creates slide videos. One great feature though is its ability to analyze text and match it with images. Instead of uploading a blog post, you paste text into the editor and then edit it to create a script. Then you can select to have the video created for you with a few options such as creating one slide per sentence or per paragraph, having the tool select images for you, and bolding keywords. You’ll be able to edit the text and images after the video is created. It does a great job at selecting images that fit contextually and bolding the correct keywords.

Content Samurai is a subscription-based service, but they do offer a free trial.

How to Use Your Videos?

There are many ways to use your videos. Here are a few ideas:

  • Embed them into your blog post.
  • Share them on your social channels.
  • Add them to your YouTube channel.
  • Bundle them into a video course.
  • Add them to your marketing emails.
  • Add a video to your email signature.

Video is the medium of choice right now for marketers and viewers. With these easy tools, you’ll make compelling videos quickly and with little effort. I hope you’ll give one of these tools a try and see how easy it is to create a video from a blog post. Let us know if you turn your blog posts into videos using any of these video tools or others. We’d love to hear what’s working for you.