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HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing automation software that helps businesses execute their digital marking in a more streamlined and succinct way. From content creation and optimization to analytics and reporting, HubSpot’s tools help marketers and businesses make smarter decisions. This past year they launched HubSpot FREE, an entry level tool for those looking to generate leads through their sites. They also have three different paid levels of the tools. In this video we will take a look at all four packages and explain what they offer.

HubSpot is not going to do the work for you but when synced with a user-focused strategy the results speak for themselves. Check out some success stories here. HubSpot has more than 21,000 customers that use their platform. Not only have they created a great tool, they’ve changed the way many practice online marketing. As one of the 3.9k agencies partners, I have seen firsthand what this tool and their resources can do when you put them to work. Let’s get into the tools!

Video Transcript:

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software to help you execute and perform better marketing online. Now, HubSpot is a tool, so if you don’t use it and you don’t work it it’s not going to work for you, but if you do put it to work for you you’re going to see some pretty awesome results because it really helps you execute at a much higher level.

HubSpot has a couple of different packages depending on really your needs as a business and where you are as far as your digital marketing is concerned. So, we’re going to break down the three paid packages and then we’re also going to look at HubSpot Free, which is the tool that they relaunched at the beginning of January of 2017. Let’s so go into the different packages that HubSpot has available for you.

HubSpot breaks their packages down into basic, pro, and enterprise. Those are the three paid versions of HubSpot and depending on your needs as a business and where you’re going with your digital marketing you can kind of figure out which one of those packages is best for you. HubSpot also has HubSpot Free, which is actually a re-release of Leadin with a few extra bells and whistles that help you get more out of that tool. No matter what site you’re running it on or what program you’re using, HubSpot Free is a great entry tool to get you started with lead generation and inbound marketing. Before we get into HubSpot Free let’s talk about the paid versions of HubSpot.

HubSpot Basic is their entry level inbound marketing suite that kind of gets you started with inbound. Maybe you don’t need all the bells and whistles, but you need some content creation tools and you need some email marketing. Well, this is where HubSpot Basic comes in and kind of gets your feet wet. It starts at $200 a month and that’s on manual contract and then they do charge you $600 for an onboarding fee and that onboarding fee gives you some training into the tools, so that you can use them to the maximum effect of this to actually grow your business.

HubSpot Basic comes with a hundred contacts straight out the box. You can have a hundred leads through the system without incurring any extra costs. Now, if you go over that hundred you’re going to get a thousand extra leads and it’s going to cost you another hundred dollars a month. Well, if you’re generating that many leads you’re probably generating some business, as well, so it really starts to pay for itself.

What does HubSpot basic come with? Well, it comes with a content creation tool, so you can build your blog, the landing pages, the thank you pages inside of HubSpot. You can do the forms inside of this. You can start capturing this lead information inside of the tool. It also helps you do some basic bulk email marketing. You’re not going to have the lead nurturing tools like you are going to have with the pro level or the enterprise level, but you can do some bulk email. You also got your social media tool in there and an analytics dashboard. This is a really good tool to help you get started, especially if you want to do email blasts and you want to start kind of putting all your tools under one roof, HubSpot Basic is a really good option for you.

If you’re really serious about jumping feet first into inbound marketing, HubSpot Pro is a great all-in-one tool to help you get started and help make sure that your campaigns are organized and running effectively.

HubSpot Pro starts at $800 a month. It’s got a $3,000 onboarding fee and that onboarding fee is a lot more than the basic version, but the reason why is you’re getting involved in a ton more tools. You’re getting a lot more out of the system and you really need to take the time to do the onboarding so that you can actually run effective marketing campaigns. You’re starting out with a thousand contacts instead of a hundred. If you go over those, an extra thousand is just $50 more a month, so you can really start to generate a lot of leads and it not cost you a whole lot of money. That’s really one of the beauties behind HubSpot and inbound marketing is that costs per lead drops significantly, especially as you begin to hone in your skills and you develop more targeted ads in marketing campaigns over time. That cost is going to continue to drop and drop and drop.

Now, when you get HubSpot Pro you start to get involved in marketing automation. You no longer even have to remind yourself to set those emails and send up those follow-ups and making sure that you’re hitting all of your leads at the right time. You can actually build out workflows. You can build out triggers. You can have smart lists now that pull from different areas and begin to send people the right messaging at the right time, which is going to help you nurture them along the buyers journey to hopefully become on your new customers who are super delighted in working with you.

You’re also going to get A/B testing with HubSpot Pro and this is really helpful to find out what’s working. You’re going to get smart content, which is actually going to help you change your content based on how your user’s interacting with you – maybe where they are in the buyer’s journey. You can send them different types of content without actually sending them to a different page using smart content.

HubSpot Pro’s got a lot of cool tools inside of it and really I can do video after video after video on just HubSpot Pro and the tools in there. This is the tool that I actually use personally; we use for our agency here. This is what we run our campaign with, so we really recommend HubSpot Pro because you’re getting everything under one roof. It’s talking to each other. You’re getting great analytics. You’re getting great data. You’re getting a great user experience. Above all, it just works. If you work it, it works for you. HubSpot Pro is a really great tool for any business owner looking to start with a real full fledged inbound marketing strategy.

Last of the paid versions is HubSpot Enterprise. HubSpot Enterprise is the big deal. This is the tool that’s got all the bells and whistles, every little thing that you could possibly want to do with the marketing automation tool. HubSpot Enterprise has you covered.

It’s going to start at $2,400 a month and that’s on an annual fee. It’s going to have a $5,000 onboarding fee. Again, you’re getting a lot more tools, a lot more deep insights than you did on pro. They’re going to spend a little bit more time helping you understand it. You’re starting with 10,000 contacts, so we’re talking about businesses that have a large database and a lot of customers. Maybe a lot of different segments. Maybe a lot of different buyer personas. HubSpot Enterprise is going to let you do that and let you do that much easier than with any other software you’ve had before. The reporting side of HubSpot Enterprise is really where you’re going to see a ton of benefit. You get a lot of different reports. A lot of more in-depth reporting to help make sure that you’re hitting your goals. You’re also going to get a really cool tool called Predictive Lead Scoring.

With HubSpot Pro you can do lead scoring, but you need to set your own lead scoring rules. HubSpot Enterprise is actually going to learn about your leads and learn how they close the sale and it’s going to actually start doing predictive leads scoring for you to help make sure that you’re targeting the right people at the right time and that they’re ending up in the right channel so that you’re actually closing sales faster, you’re learning about your customers quicker, and you’re starting to deliver the content that they want to see.

HubSpot Enterprise is great for businesses that have a lot of different angles and you want to test landing pages. Maybe you want to have different types of landing pages on different URLs. Well, you can do that with HubSpot Enterprise. This is really that tool that pushes you over the edge and you’re really starting to run this big and powerful inbound marketing strategy. If that’s your business I highly recommend you taking a look at HubSpot Enterprise.

The last thing we’re going to talk about is HubSpot Marketing Free. Now, HubSpot Marketing Free used to be known as Leadin and what they did when they relaunched the tool in January is add a couple more things that really make it useful to customers who aren’t ready or don’t have the funds to really jump into using a paid tool.

What HubSpot Marketing Free does is it actually helps you create a call out for your site. It’s a slide in or a pop up that allows you to deliver an offer with a form where you can capture some lead information and then actually start to track them inside your HubSpot Free portal. You’re going to have that contact record just like you would see in a paid version of HubSpot, so you know what your leads are doing when they’re coming back to your site. How you’re interacting with you so you can start to nurture them on your own, maybe using another one of your free tools or your own emails or any other way that you want to connect with them, but it helps you better understand your customers.

This is great for small businesses, people starting out. Maybe you got a local business and you just want to start capturing some of your leads and you want to start to understand who your visitors are and how they’re interacting with your website so you can better serve them. HubSpot Free is a great way to get started. We use this for a number of our local business customers just to help get them started with inbound marketing and help them to start capturing those leads that are coming to the site, people’s information that are coming to their site, so they can better serve them and create better products and services around their users’ actual wants and needs.

As you can see, HubSpot’s got a number of powerful tools to help businesses like you grow online. Whether you’re starting with a free version, just getting involved in inbound, or you’re a bigger business that needs tons of contacts and tons of deep insights. With the enterprise version, HubSpot’s got a tool for everybody. The great thing about HubSpot is everything is under one roof and if you work it, it works for you. I believe in it, because I’ve used it and I have seen it work firsthand for my small business.

We were just a small agency and we’ve continued to grow year over year using inbound marketing to find new customers and nurture our leads and to advocate for us online. If you’re getting started online, it’s highly recommended that you check out HubSpot. Whether you have no budget or you have a bigger budget it’s got some great tools for you.

Now, if you’re looking to get started and you’re not really sure where to go HubSpot’s got a number of partner agencies. We are actually a HubSpot gold partner here at Shelley Media Arts and we help a number of businesses run and execute their HubSpot portals. We’re their advocate in between them and HubSpot. Maybe they don’t really understand the software or a marketing question or maybe even a pricing question. We can kind of stand in the middle and help them kind of navigate those waters to get the best deal possible.

Another benefit of working with a HubSpot partner agency is you actually get the onboarding cost waived. We’ve already paid the onboarding. We understand the tools. We have to be certified in all the tools and how they work and how to use them, so you don’t have to worry about paying those big chunks upfront to get onboarded, because we’re going to do that onboarding for you and with you and we’re going to train those people along the way. HubSpot has been a great asset to my business as we’ve continued to grow online and I hope that you take this video and it sparks some questions and you start to dig around the tools. If you’ve got any questions I’m going to send you a link to our contact form where you can contact me directly and we can start talking about how we can help you implement HubSpot or how HubSpot can work for your business. Thanks a lot for watching and until next time happy marketing.