How to Leverage Facebook to Build Your Email List

Promoting businesses on social media these days is challenging. Every day your company competes with dozens of advertisements for your ideal buyer’s attention. You aren’t only competing against businesses within your industry but that of your persona’s other interests. Each niche area has multiple companies working to outrank each other and attract the attention of your target audience. Add to this the notifications from social groups, events, and friends that fill a social media feed and it’s understandable why even paid ads are sometimes overlooked.

It may be tempting to get louder, but research reveals gimmicky ads won’t cut it either. As inbound marketers, our focus at SMA Marketing always includes authentic and empathetic marketing.

Now that 25 percent of U.S. buyers are Millennials and 31 percent are Generation X, inbound is becoming more common with digital marketing agencies. Authenticity is a primary focus of many campaigns particularly since these audiences gravitate toward businesses that prioritize authenticity and contribution to the greater good.

One key way to market authentically is to ensure that every piece of content your company creates adds value for your reader. Search Engine Journal points out that educational and helpful content that adds value increases engagement and helps to establish your business as an industry authority.

Traditionally, when a business creates a content offer they build a landing page on their website and use email marketing, a call-to-action on their website, and blog posts to encourage invite their ideal readers to download the offer.

These are excellent actions, but they are not the only ways a company can promote its offer to its current and potential customers. Businesses expanding their Local SEO strategy should consider adding offers to their Google My Business Listing. Additionally, companies with Facebook Business pages need to take advantage of the Offers Tab and create a free content offer link on their social page.

Why Should Businesses Use Facebook Offers Tabs?

There are several benefits to using the tabs functions to create an offer rather than creating a post or a pinned post on a Business page.

  • This tab is set with specific features designed to link to a landing page
  • Boosting the post at a later date is easy
  • The offers tab won’t get lost in a Facebook feed
  • This is a free section of a Business Page

How to Add an Offer to a Facebook Business Page:

Begin in Settings > Templates and Tabs

Turn “Use default tabs” Off

Reorder the tabs and move the Offers tab higher on the list. I prefer to have it land in order below the About tab.

While you are there turn off any tabs you can that aren’t in use. This will create a shorter list of options for users to click through on a business page.

Go back to the Business Page and select the Offers Tab

Select Create Offer button. When you open the option to create an offer you will see on the right-hand side the offer you are building. The left-hand side is where you are adding the links to connect everything.

Start by adding the Photo. Note that Facebook wants you to upload an image without any words.

Next, choose the Offer Type > select Customized

Include an offer description that is 50 characters or less and clearly describes what you are giving away. You can include words such as Free Download or eBook. I like to add the title of the offer at the top of so it matches the landing page and a description of what the download is at the bottom.

If you open the additional tab you can include 1000 characters.

You have to include an expiration date which is a negative for some people, but you can select a date that is several months away.

Next, you are asked what type of offer you are featuring.

Select Online since this is a download When you select download, a box will appear where you can insert a URL.

Copy and paste your website landing page URL into this box.

  • Primary Action – I select Save
  • Review for spelling errors before publishing.

Note: Facebook will review the offer before final approval, make sure to make wise language choices.

The offer will show up on the wall of the Business Page and will stay in the offers tab. People can interact under the tab including sharing the offer. Make sure to engage with everyone who asks questions about the offer.

If you are looking for more ways to expand your content strategies download The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing for Business Growth. This guide includes four free templates as well as ideas and strategies you can incorporate for every stage of the buyer’s journey.