When it comes to building your brand online, having visibility in the search results is essential. An SEO audit can help you uncover issues that are impacting your site’s ranking. While a deep audit can be helpful, sometimes getting a quick overview is the best way to start. In this video, I’ll walk you through how to use SerpStat to see how your site is performing.

Video Transcript:

One of the most important things for businesses looking to grow their organic visibilities is to understand how their set is performing at this current moment, and what optimizations need to take place.

There are a number of tools out there where you can do free SEO audits and get some insight, or grading on your website. But, a lot of times, you get a lot of information that you may not be so sure about in that you don’t know if you can trust it. There’s a lot of things involved.

One of the tools that we’ve been using here at our agency that we’ve absolutely enjoyed is called SerpStat. Now, why I like it is it really is one of those all in one tools when it comes to SEO. You can do a lot of things. But one of the coolest features is their audits, and I’m going to walk you through their SEO audit, and how you can use this to better understand your site, and also how to get the data you need in order to implement the changes and optimizations you need to make.

So, the first thing you need to do is go to serpstat.com. Sign up for a free account. They have a free account that you can use. Obviously, the tool’s used by a number of high level companies here. And then, what you want do is you want to create a project.

So, for this case, we’re going to do the good old example.com. Now, you type it in and you hit search. And it’s going to pull up some high-level metrics here in the dashboard.

Now, this is your overview. This isn’t your website audit. This is just an overview. And this is going to show you where your site is standing right now. You’ve got, how visible is your site, what’s the estimated amount of traffic, how many keywords are you estimated rank for, or the number of words that you’re using in PPC. And then, it breaks down the details here, keyword distribution, subdomains, your visibility trend, your keyword trend, all really cool information.

But, this isn’t the website audit that we want look at. In order to run a website audit you go over here into the navigation and you click audit. And then, we click audit summary. Now, we’ve never done an audit on this site. So, now we need to select start analysis.

Walk through this. I recommend using their setup to get going. And then, it’s going to run this audit. Now, once this audit’s finished we are going to go back and take a look at the results. So, I’m not going to make you sit here and watch this, so we’ll fast forward.

All right. So, now that the audit is done SerpStat is going to give you a score. And what they’re going to dis saveve your old scores, and allow you to see if you’ve improved or not every time you run an analysis, which is pretty awesome.

So, what this is going to do is give you a high-level insight, your high priority issues, medium priority, low priority. And then, also the information also associated with this, this audit. So, if you scroll down it’s going to show you a number of the things that it checks. If it’s got a green check mark it means you pass. So the server is running right. We’ve got the specific status codes that we need to have. There are no 500 errors. There are no 404 errors, which is good.

Now, it’s going to go into meta tags. It says, “Okay. You’ve got some duplicate titles,” because we didn’t get the check mark. And you want to see exactly what the title is, you just drop down here. It’ll tell you, “Okay, example.com needs a title.” It’s also missing a description it looks like, right here. So we can go, and it tell you what the issue is and how to fix it.

Again, we go down. It’s going to check these things off. If we’re missing any character encoding, declare that your character encoding’s in HTML. Again, this is just a nice way to help the search engine understand how your site is structured.

But, as you go down it’s going to give you a number of checklists. And if you’ve passed, you have the green check. And if you haven’t, you’re going to have no check. And that is going to, again, tell you what the issue is, and where the issue’s at.

The reason I like this tool is, obviously, it’s a checklist. So, you get to see what’s working and what’s not. But, also it gives you a description of what’s happening, how to fix it, and exactly where the problem is. A lot of times you get an SEO report and you’ve got a lot of titles missing, but it’s a food report and you don’t know exactly the pages that are missing the titles. It can be hard to go back through and find all those.

So, this tool does a really good job of laying everything out that’s important to search.

There are a couple ways to go through this too. You can schedule these to happen regularly. So, you know it’s happening. But, we also can export the data. So, you can do it in a pdf, and the pdf has links attached to it. You can add your brand name if you want to. Or, you can also do an Excel file, which is really nice too. This is going to drop it into an Excel sheet, which you’re now going to be able to go through, see all the pages here on a simple to use Excel sheet. Go back, make the list of priorities, and begin to fix these issues on your website.

I’ll show you what the Excel sheet looks like really quick. I prefer to work out of Excel. It’s just easy. So, we’ve got the summary of all the issues, and then any of the issues that would have popped up. Right here, duplicate titles. We didn’t have that issue, but we did have a missing title. We can find any of the issues on these lists here.

So, missing description. This is the exact URL. You have the URL. You add a description. You can mark it as resolved anywhere you want to, and move on with your life making sure that your site is optimized.

Couple other features under site audit. It also does a loading speed. This is Google Page Speed test, this extremely important because Google has even more so put emphasis on speed. You can do it from mobile and desktop. See any of the issues your site might be having, be able to address those issue, and then make sure that your site is where it needs to be in order to rank in search, and engage with the users in the most optimal experience possible.

Hope you guys learned something today. If you’ve got any questions on the SerpStat audit tool we would love to help you out. Just comment below.