When and Why to Guest Post

While it may seem like a poor ROI on your time to create content for someone else’s website, writing a guest post can have several benefits when executed strategically. With a little bit of research, bloggers can leverage guest posting to expand their audience reach and increase their website’s backlinks. Guest posting is an effective technique to benefit both the website host and the contributor.

Why Should I Guest Post?

Guest posting is one of the best ways to leverage digital media to expand your reach. It’s also an ideal way to help establish yourself as an expert in your industry or niche. When your words are featured on a website, the site owner is telling their audience that they trust your insights. When this is a well-established blog with high traffic, you increase your opportunities to be found.

Expand Your Audience

While it’s helpful to guest post on a blog that has a large following, any additional platform in addition to your own can be beneficial. When your words resonate with people they will look to see what other helpful and interesting content you are writing. People also share useful content, so the more eyes viewing your blog post the more potential for multiple shares.

This is a great opportunity to find like-minded bloggers and readers that appreciate your niche, so take the time to respond on social when people comment or share your content. Don’t let the fact that your words are on another company’s website prevent you from interacting with readers. This helps others understand you are approachable and they will seek to continue to engage with you.

Guest posting is a great SEO opportunity. When you guest post, your blog and social media can be linked in the bio section of the post. Your blog benefits when it’s linked to a higher-ranking website, because it gains authority with search engines and helps provide context for your blog content.

You may also find additional opportunities for guest posts or have your work cited, which would add additional backlink opportunities.

When Should I Guest Post?

Your website and social media should always be your priority. It’s important that you continue to create great content on your blog so that as you gain new readers there is something for them to find! Additionally, a backlink isn’t as beneficial if your blog isn’t active.

Here are some additional times to consider guest posting:

  • When you have a free offer to promote
  • When you have something to sell such as a new class, webinar, or book
  • When your analytics are stagnant
  • When you have something that can fill a gap on the website you are contributing to

How to Offer Your Content

A common email we receive at SMA is a template from someone offering content. Although many likely have something great to contribute, their emails are vague and require too much work to figure out how to take the next steps.

Many emails are poorly worded and include obvious cut and paste links that make it clear they are casting a wide net looking for posting opportunities. Some writers offer content that doesn’t fit with SMA’s areas of expertise. All of these things convey a desire for a transaction, not a professional relationship.

For more information on writing good emails check out Link Outreach Emails: The Right and Wrong Approach

When you are ready to reach out to offer your content there are few steps to take:

Research the website before reaching out and ask yourself:

  • Does the content they write support my niche?
  • Does my tone and writing style fit their site?
  • Do they have contributor guidelines posted?
  • What is their social media presence?
  • Who is their target audience?

Once you have confirmed that this website is a good match for your skillset, take the time to write a blog article to send for consideration. This might seem risky, but you will prove you are serious about wanting to contribute and you will also feature your writing skills. Additionally, you can prove that you understand the importance of SEO details which will save the website administrator time.

If the website has contributor guidelines make sure to follow them exactly as requested. The details may seem tedious to you, but it’s their site. Also, when you are the one reaching out and asking for space on someone else’s website, you should consider contributing your first post for free.

By offering free content you increase the likelihood your post will be accepted. Moreover, since you are going to benefit with exposure, a backlink, and further audience reach you aren’t actually providing work for free. Besides, if the website declines to use your post you haven’t wasted your time, you can use it on your own blog.

Guest posting is a great way to network and forge new friendships, by treating a potential opportunity as such you will increase your networking opportunities. You never know when a future opportunity to trade links or guest post will occur so keep it friendly and professional, not transactional.

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