Digital Marketing for Businesses That Dont Need Marketing

Are there really businesses that can’t benefit from digital marketing?

I hear this all the time, “our business is not something that marketing would help.” This thought process is rooted in the belief that a business’s sales do not come from just anyone but instead come from a small group of industry insiders. Sometimes this thought is accompanied by, “nobody is searching for what we do so there is no reason for us to market.”

So, what do you do when you hear something likes this? Are they right? In short, yes not everyone is searching for exactly what a particular business might sell or manufacture, but almost any business can benefit from digital marketing. The trick is to understand how digital marketing, and inbound marketing, in particular, impact a business.

Becoming the Authority

Let’s start by understanding the concept of “domain authority.” If you take a trip to, you’ll find it described as, “The authority of a website is based on the number of external backlinks, the quality and relevance of these links. ” But what does this mean? Well, to put it simply, your website’s domain authority is a search engine’s way of quantifying the quality of your site’s external links to determine how high it should rank. And we want to rank high, right?

For a more in-depth look at the technical aspects of domain authority, we recommend checking out Moz as they are the authority on domain authority. See what we did there?

If you don’t want to go in depth, then here is what you need to know. Your website needs quality relevant content. It has to be both. You also need links to other quality sites. By doing this you will not only achieve a higher domain authority score, you will also start to become your industry’s knowledge authority which is the key to this all.

All For a Good Cause

We recently helped a client who primarily worked with charities. You might think that anything dealing with charities would be easy to market, but not so fast. Their particular service was so new that nobody would ever think to search for it. However, we were able to make them a go-to source for all things “charitable cause,” and thru that we started to drive traffic to their site. The types of people we were driving were interested in charity as a whole, but when they got to the site they said to themselves, “Hey, these people know their stuff and I see that they help charities. I’ll have to check out what they do.”

By the end of our work with them, we were driving over 2,000 visitors to their site each month and almost none of those visitors were aware of their product. But a lot of them were the type of people who were in need of their product.

Think That’s Amazing? Check This Out!

So now you are starting to see that your business may indeed need digital marketing but you still don’t think it’s totally right for you. Maybe you think that your company sells something so niche that its audience really can’t be captured. You’re not alone. I encourage you to check out the success Bliley Technologies achieved through the use of digital marketing. I can assure you that if digital marketing can work for a company as niche as Bliley, then it can work for yours. I don’t want to take up this entire blog talking about their success so, I encourage you to check out a case study we did on how Bliley Technologies benefited from an inbound digital marketing campaign.

Getting Started With Digital Marketing?

I’m not going to lie to you. I am truly proud of our work here at SMA, and I think we are at least worth a phone call. We can discuss your marketing needs and see if we would even be a good fit for each other. After all, a phone call can’t hurt. But, I get it, maybe you need more time and have more thinking to do. If this blog doesn’t result in a conversation with us, that’s okay with me as long as it helped you. I’d also like to recommend reading How to Hire and Partner with Your Digital Marketing or Social Media Agency to Grow Your Business to get some more food for thought.

However, if you do want to set up a time to talk we are here to listen.