With expanding communication platforms, more bloggers and authors are diversifying their businesses and expanding their reach on the internet. Social media, YouTube, podcasts, webinars, and speaking engagements top the list of how authors are expanding their reach and increasing their audience touch points. With all these avenues, you may think that blogging has become old news, but it’s actually the opposite!

Just as communication platforms have evolved, so has the look of a blog. However, the function remains the same – to communicate with an audience. Regardless of the other ventures a blogger or author pursues, they need a way to tell people where to find their additional ventures. A website is often the strongest way to have an online presence, but every website needs an organizational system where people can find what they seek quickly. That is where having a blog as a hub for communication comes into the picture.


In some ways starting a podcast has become the new trend that starting a blog was a decade ago. Quality may not be equal for every podcast, but it’s still possible to produce a version of a podcast with little equipment. After the podcast is live, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find the link. This is a great way to utilize a blog.

In addition to posting a link to the podcast, a blog post offers the additional option to provide show notes linking information discussed on the podcast. A transcript is an excellent addition for those who prefer to read rather than listen to their favorite authors.

Another benefit of cataloging podcasts on a blog is the freedom this space provides for the podcaster to write follow-up thoughts or comments after the podcast undergoes editing. Finally, the blog platform offers the ability to cross-advertise. Podcasters may find advertisers are more interested in sponsorship with the option to have their company featured on multiple platforms.

YouTube Videos

The ability for a searcher to find a YouTube video increases when you post a link featuring the video on your blog. Many YouTubers embed their video onto the blog and include graphics and a transcript with each post.

By taking the additional step to add a YouTube video to a blog post you double the opportunities for searchers to find your video. Some people will look at the length of a video and decide they don’t want to watch it or don’t have time. Having a transcript available offers an alternative option to consume the content you’ve produced. It may entice some to find the time to watch the video, but it also displays what you are presenting on the video. Whether your post is listened to or read your content is still consumed by your audience.


Have you seen an ad for a webinar? A webinar provides a great opportunity to present a concept in an in-depth and focused manner. Most people discover that those who aren’t able to watch a webinar live are still willing to listen to a replay.

A blog is a perfect place to promote the content before your webinar goes live and house the video after it has played. Depending on the subject the webinar covers you may find that follow up blog posts expounding on questions brought up by participants will foster increased engagement.

Speaking Engagements

Many bloggers venture into the world of conference speaking. A website is an excellent place to feature previous speaking engagement topics as well as advertise where you are scheduled to speak at future events. Adding a blog to your website is a great way to display the topics you are most interested in or qualified to speak about as well as your preferred audience. This space provides the opportunity for long-form content that supports your previous speaking engagements and shows people you are still actively engaged with the topics you desire to present at a conference.

As you engage with your online audience, those looking to hire you to speak will be able to observe your interactions and target audience. They will see which topics resonate with your audience the most (as will you!) and will be able to make an educated decision regarding booking a speaking engagement with you.

Social Media

Social media algorithms are constantly changing, but through all the algorithm upgrades one consistent aspect is that new posts have a better chance to be seen than older posts. Blog links provide a large amount of content to add to the conversation on social. Interactions with social media increase reader engagement as well as allow more people to find your posts. Regardless of your ventures, a blog provides the opportunity to keep fresh and engaging content on social media which opens opportunities to connect with new audience members.

Using a blog as a hub for communication is an efficient way to keep all your ventures organized. It provides a location for your audience to stay up to date with your latest publications and videos as well as future events and activities.