If “content is king” then the crown jewels are visual content.

The last time you were scrolling through your favorite social media channel, what made you stop in your tracks? Odds are it was a stunning visual that made you pause, think and react. In the social media world good visual content is marketing gold.

Like a good first impression, an image that is on-point and attractive, makes us want to know more. It draws us in and can be the key to starting a relationship with our target customer. It can illustrate how we are alike and how we have the same pains, questions, and needs. It will help you shine the best light on your product or service while engaging your clients. It humanizes your brand, turning prospects into friends.

You see, we are imaginative beings. Good visual content is emotional and compelling. It tells a story, sometimes without saying a word. It draws the reader in and, when done well, encourages the reader to share the message. Images that are “share worthy” will help spread your marketing message to the masses in a viral way.

Between Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr, consumers share nearly 5,000 images every second of every day. (Source: http://www.forbes.com/)

Visual content can get you big returns for relatively little effort. An image that takes mere minutes to create, that is shared on social media, can gain exposure for your brand’s message like nothing else can. Incorporate strong visual content into your marketing assets and you’ll not only reach new customers, but learn about what appeals to them as well.

Ready to up your visual content game? Try using these tools to create content that will connect with your customers.


This site is quickly becoming the go-to resource for non-designers to create images that stand out. There are templates for all social media platforms, as well as free designs and backgrounds. Use it to create a quick image or go further by creating an eBook. https://www.canva.com/


A free subscription gets you no-copyright, high-resolution photos you can use as backgrounds for your visual content and blog headings. Your images will look professional without the price of stock photo subscriptions. https://unsplash.com/


Pictaculous is a color palette generator. Upload an image and get a matching color palette to use with your text. You’ll create an image that looks well-designed and is eye-catching. http://www.pictaculous.com/


Infograms are especially useful for sharing business information, statistics and data in an intriguing format. Create content with an infographic, quickly and easily, and watch it go viral! http://piktochart.com/


Create interactive and engaging charts and infographics. You can even connect live data sources to Infogram’s infographics, charts and visualizations. Embed them into your content for real-time, engaging data displays. https://infogr.am/

Awesome Screenshots

Screenshot what you see online, annotate, add comments and share. http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/


Using ready-made templates, create short and simple animated videos to share with clients and readers. These attention-grabbing visuals will teach and inform in an unusual way. http://www.powtoon.com/


This app for the iPhone is a dream to use if you want to pair an eye-catching image with an inspiring or humorous quote. You’ll get more likes, shares and comments when you create images that connect with your users. http://wordswag.co/

So, there you have it. A list of easy-to-use tools to add to your visual content creation arsenal. Now, go inspire your social media niche with your message and create connections that convert!