Do you love to write, but hate the time it takes to proofread your work? Do your fingers and brain work at different speeds, resulting in grammar errors and typos? It’s common to work so long on an article that you become blind to your own grammar mistakes. Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to read your work and spot grammatical inconsistencies and typographical errors.

Don’t you wish you could just call 911 and have the grammar police arrive to check your work?

Publishing an article full of typos can negatively impact your credibility online. Fortunately, there are some powerhouse grammar and punctuation tools available to do the proofreading work for you. If you struggle with creating error-free blog articles or web content, these tools will save you time and embarrassment.


Grammarly is a grammar tool that is available as a Chrome or Firefox browser extension and can also be added to your Microsoft Word toolbar. There’s no need to copy and paste text into a checker tool since it scans your writing where you are online. It checks for spelling and grammatical errors, citing the type of error and suggesting corrections. Just click on the correction and it makes the change for you. There are free and premium versions.

Paper Rater

With Paper Rater you get more than a grammar and punctuation tool. It analyzes your written material for plagiarism, spelling, grammar, word choice, transitional phrases, sentence style, and vocabulary while including a comparison with other writers at your education level. However, I noticed that the results don’t take into account your intended reader’s level of education or knowledge of the subject. Keep that in mind as you read the report. You will have to copy and paste your text into this tool, but the results are worth the extra effort. There are free and premium versions of this tool, as well.

After The Deadline

After the Deadline, also known as Polish My Writing, was created by the developers of WordPress. It’s a free basic grammar and punctuation tool that is available as a Firefox or Google browser extension or a WordPress plug-in. It won’t give you the detailed analysis that Paper Rater provides, but if you want a quick scan of your text, this is a great option. Copy and paste your text into the tool and click Check Writing and it color codes the words that need improvement or correction.

Online Correction

Online Correction is a simple, quick online grammar and spelling tool. While it doesn’t offer many bells and whistles, it is super easy to use. Copy and paste your text into the tool and within seconds grammar, spacing, and spelling errors are highlighted. An autocorrect option is available, as well.

Hemingway Editor

If you’re looking for a grammar check tool that goes beyond basic spelling and punctuation, Hemingway Editor is a good option. It analyzes the difficulty level of your sentences and assigns a grade level to the article. In addition, it scans for overuse of adverbs and passive voice. It operates like a basic word processing app, so you can write complete articles in it and assign heading tags, hyperlinks and other formatting. A free online version is available, as is a premium desktop app.

Of the above suggestions, Grammarly is my favorite. I’ve been using it for about a month. I thought I was a good proofreader until I started using Grammarly. It catches so many more errors than I do! What I love most is that I’m learning from my mistakes by paying attention to the errors that the tool catches (like those pesky misplaced commas).

Give one or two of these tools a try the next time you write an article and need some grammar help. But, don’t fire your proofreader just yet. Automated tools don’t catch everything and can miss the nuances and style that make your writing unique. Nothing takes the place of a trusted assistant reading your work and offering suggestions and feedback.