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Seismic recently surveyed asset managers to better understand their strategic priorities for 2017, how they harness or plan to harness the value of content automation, and life with and without access to technologies that streamline processes and personalize client experiences. While the survey’s complete findings won’t be officially released for a couple of weeks, the following provides a sneak peak at the insights garnered.

  • When it comes to strategic priorities over the next 12 months, 76 percent of respondents said “acquire new clients”, with “gain more revenue from existing clients” and “cut costs via technology implementation” rounding out the top three at 71 and 49 percent, respectively.
  • Seventy-seven percent of respondents said that improving client satisfaction was the main goal for automating personalized content.
  • Of those firms planning to increase content personalization over the next 12 months, the areas of priority for harnessing the value of automation are the types of client-facing content, the personalization of content for prospective clients, and the better utilization of analytics to improve content overall, with each area receiving 70 percent of the responses.
  • Of those firms planning to leverage technologies to assist in personalizing content over the next 12 months, 75 percent saw themselves utilizing a CRM system, 69 percent said some sort of data and research source, and 50 percent a marketing automation platform (MAP).
  • When respondents were asked to describe in one word what it was like to manage content without a specialized automation platform, a few of the most common entries were “manual”, “tedious”, and “disorganized”.
  • And words most often used to describe managing content with such a platform in place include “efficient”, “streamlined”, and “standardized”.

As noted, a full release and word cloud will be available soon, but these initial results echo what Seismic has heard and read from industry experts and prospective firms at events and within publications during the first quarter of 2017. Indeed the push to transform processes and lives within financial services continues unabated.