Product marketers are often akin to chefs in the kitchen. They’re going from preparing the vegetables, to checking on the boiling water, to searing the meat, to finishing the side dishes, to finally plating the food. Then they start all over again. This is all to say that product marketers are responsible for a lot and the timing of every activity is crucial. And the best way to improve a product marketing strategy is with an effective sales enablement plan.

What is a Product Marketing Strategy?

So now that we’ve told you that a sales enablement plan is important for an effective product marketing strategy, let’s spend some time discussing what that is. A product marketing strategy will encompass nearly everything there is to think about when it comes to Sales and Marketing. Product marketers are creating content that can affect every stage of the funnel, from top to bottom. They are constantly talking with Sales to understand the needs of buyers. And, of course, they have their fingers on the pulse of every development ongoing with the product or services on offer.

A product marketing strategy is a big, bold, comprehensive thing that needs constant oversight and management. A well-armed team of product marketers is as crucial of an asset as any organization can have.

How Sales Enablement Bolsters a Product Marketing Strategy

Now we get to the heart of what this blog is all about: the ways in which a sales enablement plan improves a product marketing strategy. We can break this down into three different categories.

Building the Perfect Competitive Toolkit

An effective product marketing strategy will come complete with a robust competitive toolkit. Sellers and marketers alike need to be well-informed about what’s happening out in the competitive landscape. Sellers need to know what they’re going up against, so they can better tailor their messaging for buyers. Marketers need to know what messaging is being used out in the market to create better content for sellers.

So how does a sales enablement plan improve this aspect of a product marketing strategy? Because any smart sales enablement platform will come with a sales communication tool. This communication tool makes it easy for product marketers to update both sellers and marketers right there in the sales enablement platform. The competitive information needs to be in an accessible location, and that’s exactly what a sales enablement solution provides.

Unlocking Content Insights

Content analytics and ROI is the final frontier of marketing content. Being able to pinpoint how much actual revenue any given piece of content drives is an incredibly valuable thing. An effective product marketing strategy will have product marketers act as almost independent arbiters between Marketing and Sales.

With a smart sales enablement platform, product marketers can have access to data like content usage statistics, content engagement analytics, and content value & ROI data. With that kind of information at their hand product marketers can make informed decisions about what content is successful. This then informs future strategy decisions and ultimately results in better content that closes more deals.

Updating Sellers and Marketers Alike

In a similar vein to the competitive toolkit, a product marketing strategy needs to account for the ability to seamlessly update marketers and sellers no matter where they are. A smart sales enablement tool will provide product marketers with myriad ways to update their teams. They need to quickly and efficiently update them with news about industry happenings, product/service changes, and internal updates.

Not only does a product marketing strategy need to ensure these communications are done quickly, they need to be able to reach sellers and marketers wherever they are. That’s why a smart sales enablement solution will give users the ability to access this information on mobile in whatever location they may be.

That’s it for now! Any product marketing strategy worth its weight will leverage a smart sales enablement solution.