There are a number of indicators that point to the fact that consumers are self-educating now more than ever. With the wealth of information available online, it has become easy for people to educate themselves on pretty much any topic, and purchase products and services that help improve their lives.

Blending Brand Loyalty

I recently made a decision to improve my diet. After doing some research online, I learned that adding nutritious smoothies to my morning routine could improve my health and increase my alertness throughout the day (selfishly helping me close more sales). The information I was reading was easy to find, and backed by several doctor’s recommendations.

It turns out the information I was consuming was published by a blender company. This piqued my interest. The blender was expensive, but it would play an instrumental role in helping me achieve my personal goals, so it was a no-brainer to execute the purchase. At no point in this process did I ever speak with a broker or direct sales person at the blender company. I went online (after doing some price comparisons) and purchased the blender on a popular e-commerce site.

Having now owned this blender for a few months, I am constantly going back to the company’s website and social channels for new ideas and recipes that I can make at home. Thus, helping further improve my diet (and close more sales).

So, what’s the point?

Brands need to think about the value they can offer to consumers pre-purchase. This value exchange motivates buyers to make a purchase decision faster, and with less friction. Therein lies a major opportunity for brands to promote their offerings by publishing information people actually find helpful. The fact is that most brands have not fully taken advantage of this opportunity.

Successful brands dedicate themselves to creating and publishing valuable customer-centric content every day. As a sales leader, you need to work with your marketing teams to create and publish valuable, relevant, and consistent content if you want your product or service to be included as part of your potential buyer’s evaluation process. As a customer service leader, you can empower your customers to self-diagnose potential issues, lower your costs, and increase customer satisfaction rates and loyalty if you proactively publish quality content. As a business leader, you can also leverage quality content internally to improve employee morale and increase growth.

Content marketing software makes it easy to understand what concepts are most valuable to your audience; and publish relevant, dynamic content to the most appropriate channels, to achieve business objectives.