Owning a business is tough work. Between dealing with clients, managing expenses and keeping track of inventory, it’s almost impossible to get everything done. That’s why small business owners are always looking for ways to do more in less time. Tips like taking more rejuvenating breaks throughout the day, or writing detailed to-do lists will only get you so far. If you feel like you’re still scrambling to get everything done in the day, it’s time to start using productivity tools.

Here are five great apps that will help any small business owner be more productive in all areas of their business:

1. Slack – There’s no ‘I’ in team

Slack is a convenient and easy-to-use communication tool that’s perfect for conversing with team members and getting speedy responses as opposed to email. Create different channels for group discussions or private message an individual. Slack offers a web app as well as mobile apps for Android and iPhone. No matter what device you use, you are always linked to your team and can sync up on projects in no time.

2. Todoist – Stay on track

It’s no secret having a to-do list is a sure way to get things done. When you are organized you can focus on the tasks that take priority. Todoist is a tool that takes the old school pen and paper to new heights. Think a virtual to-do list and task manager combo. Access your digital to-do list from your mobile or web app and collaborate on tasks by sharing lists with team members. This is a sure way to know all tasks are accounted for and all you have to do is swipe right to check tasks off your list.

3. Square – Money matters

The square app is a great payment tool that makes transactions with customers quick, easy and simple. Paired with a portable credit and debit card reader, Square is a trusty, portable register and great alternative to traditional registers. Save time making quick transactions with Square for you and your customers.

4. Dropbox – Sharing is caring

The goal of a team is to collaborate to reach a certain goal. Dropbox is an app that you won’t be able to live without. This cloud-based storage app is the tool you need to share documents, files, and projects with the rest of your team, making collaboration an easy task. Dropbox is available throughout a multitude of platforms giving everyone access by phone, tablet or computer. Not only does this give you the flexibility to access files from your work computer or tablet at home, team members also have easy access to shared files even when they are out of the office as well. And the best part: ditch emailing files back-and-forth and inevitably losing an updated file in the shuffle. Dropbox is your organization tool so every team member has easy access to the latest documents.

5. Spotify – Plug in and get in the zone

For busy work and non-busy work there is one thing they have in common: you have to be in the zone to get the work done. Well, there is nothing better than a tall cup of coffee and playing the right tunes to set the tone. Download Spotify to listen to your pump-up songs that drown out the stress of a long to-do list and focus on getting your work done. If listening to your favorite songs is a distraction, search for motivational work playlists to get you in the right mindset. Adding a little music can contribute to a less stressed work environment and put you in the right mode to be productive.

Being productive is a skill all professionals want to master. By using these five tools, small business owners can maximize their time, output and efforts. Add these tools into your workday and pretty soon your colleagues will be asking you for tips on productivity.

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