We can always use fresh perspective, and spring is the perfect time for it. When we’ve settled into our regular flow of work it is easy for us to fall into patterns of repetitive and underwhelming practice. Businesses thrive on dynamic creativity, positive energy and constructive vision. We can’t afford to fall in the hole of “just good enough” business. That is why it is important to shift our stance, lend our business momentum and occasionally stand on our head to see the company in a new way.

NewVoiceMedia rejuvenates through its staff perspective. We open the floor for employees to challenge our paradigm and practice devil’s advocate dialogue to avoid the tunnel vision business model. This ensures that our company is constantly shedding its skin and growing. Our product stays fresh and the mantra of the company to “sell more and serve better” stays pure.

It’s not always easy for us to maintain the steady cadence of refresh, but here are a few tips on what we do to keep us out of mundane thinking:

  • Ask Questions

Schedule time for asking questions. Gather your teams and dig into everything from “How does the dishwasher work?” to “Why is protocol changing?” When you ask questions internally, you create dialogue. Polling your office for queries at least once a week can help you catch problems early, shift perspectives and encourage creativity.

  • Invite Outside Perspective

Even with everyone in your company encouraged to challenge perspective, it is likely your group will still have certain areas of tunnel vision. Don’t be afraid to call on others outside your company to lend their point-of-view. Ask customers, partners and industry experts for their thoughts. Sometimes we are simply too close to one puzzle piece to see all the other missing pieces.

  • Create Challenges

Requesting your employees question all areas of the business won’t suddenly open the office opinion floodgates. Sometimes you need to coax good ideas to the surface. Gamify your question asking. Reward employees whose questions lead to positive change. Pose thought starters on a board and direct focus to different areas of the business each week. Post bounties for problems and maintain forums where people can flag questions outside of established meetings.

  • Take Breaks

We’ve all experienced brain lock at some point in our life; that moment where you’ve stared at a problem so much that you simply can’t see any way around it. Don’t kick around the same problem at every meeting and discussion. Make an effort to explore all possibilities, but if needed shelve the issue to be discussed again at a later date. If the problem isn’t an impending catastrophe, time may present more solutions.

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