Shutterstock_257859089In a perfect world, with an unlimited budget and an unlimited amount of time, each small business would get its own marketing team dedicated to creating relevant, informative, and entertaining content and keeping up each of their social outlets a couple times a day. Creating content from the inside is the absolute best way to truly grasp a business’s voice, gauge what’s important to the customers, and what’s important to the employees to get across. However, there are instances when it’s totally acceptable, and even sometimes better, to outsource content rather than create it from the inside.

Do The Math

If you’re just starting out and you’re wondering if you should hire on a team or turn to outsourcing to churn out some blog posts and keep your social outlets updated, think about the type of budget you’re working with. Do the math. Can you not handle hiring someone on full-time? What about part-time? In the beginning, starting out with a couple blog posts a week and updating social outlets just once a day is fine. It’s when you try to grow your brand’s reach and venture into cross-blogging that you’re going to need some extra helping hands. If you’re just starting out and you can’t afford to hire someone else on at the moment, start with outsourcing content. Outsourced content is better than no content.

When You’re Understaffed

Life happens! When you hit an unexpected road bump and an employee needs to be out for an extended period of time with an injury, a family emergency, or even just a long vacation, outsourcing is a good option. This works particularly well if you have at least one other person on your marketing team to just glance over the outsourced content and make sure that it’s in the realm of your business’s normal voice. If you don’t have another team member present, make the time to glance over the content yourself as the small business owner. It’s a great aid when you need it, but it can be pretty obvious if the voices are blaringly different.

To Find Your Voice And Stay Relevant

Outsourcing doesn’t have to be from different, random writers and content creators. You can make a point to seek out one writer or one outside team to work with that will take the time to find and create your company’s voice. Outsourcing in this way is a lot pricier (and may even be pricier than hiring someone on to do the job from the inside so be sure, again, to do the math), but if you’re lost in trying to find your business’s voice, an outsourced team can certainly help you out. There are entire agencies dedicated to this sort of thing. Trust them to do their job and help you out.

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