As customers, we are constantly inundated with all forms of marketing, from text messages about flash sales, to Facebook ads, to retail emails you don’t even remember subscribing to. So it should come as no surprise that it’s harder than ever for marketers to break through the noise and earn customer attention.

Cookie-cutter marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Customer expectations have changed — they want a more personalized, consistent experience, but one that’s exciting and novel too. We know that that’s easier said than done, which is why we created this e-book, 10 Marketing Secrets from Salesforce. It’s chock full of the tips and insights you need to add to your toolbelt and take your marketing game to the next level.

Want a sneak peek? Here’s three insights that will completely change your game:

1. Customers Can Be a Company’s Best Advocate

People are more likely to trust recommendations from their peers, and the same goes for businesses. Empowering customers to tell their success stories in their own words gives a fresh and authentic perspective on your products and helps build trust. By creating and tracking meaningful interactions with your customers in a scalable way, you can integrate customer advocacy into everything you do — and benefit greatly from it.

2. Bring the Show to Your Customers

There’s no substitute for live events, both at your company and beyond. Here at Salesforce, Dreamforce is the world’s largest cloud computing conference, with 160,000 in-person attendees. But holding just one conference on home turf isn’t enough. In the age of the customer, you can’t just expect customers and prospects to come to you one week out of the year — you also have to go to them, and make the show compelling enough that they won’t forget it. A great tip to make this happen is to create buzz that maximizes the event’s shareability on social media. Try recruiting “ambassadors” that share photos and attendee tweets to help increase the hype for other attendees.

3. Employees Can Be Your Greatest Marketing Asset

If empowered appropriately, your employees can be your strongest brand ambassadors — the living, breathing embodiment of the marketing message you’re pushing to customers. Feature your employees in product videos for brand building, or livestream a behind-the-scenes sneak peek that introduces your company culture to the world. Tap into the powerful connection between employee and product, and employees will be your greatest marketing asset.

Want more? Check out 10 Marketing Secrets from Salesforce to step up your game.