Small and midsize businesses have the same challenges, no matter the industry: do more, sell more, work faster — with less money, fewer employees, and minimal time.

Fortunately in today’s world of insta-everything, we’ve automated so many of our daily activities to meet those mandates. While things like pizza delivery drones and self-driving cars might make our home lives easier and more efficient, CRM systems like Salesforce play that role in the business world.

But wait… Isn’t CRM for large enterprises? Meh. While CRM definitely helps big companies stay aligned, it’s arguably more important for the smaller ones. Think about it: growing businesses have to think like an enterprise, move like a small. Those execs often choose to save money by handling things the time-consuming manual way — not realizing time is the one thing they can’t afford to trade. CRM gives you those man hours back; the automation features effectively multiply your workforce (which is especially important for your sales team). No more admin tasks, revenue lost on non-sales activity, or time wasted digging for data. It’s exactly what helps you think like an enterprise, yet maintain the enviable agility of a small business.

Find out just how much your growing business could benefit from Salesforce and CRM with this new Benefit Calculator specifically built for small and midsize businesses. Just answer a few questions about revenue, margins, sales reps, and quotas, and the calculator will determine the hours you can save and revenue you can generate using Salesforce.

And great news: Once you’ve caught the automation bug, you’ll be thrilled to learn errand-running robots really aren’t that far off.

Try out the new Benefit Calculator to explore how CRM saves time and generates revenue for small and midsized businesses.