Smartphones have expanded the channels that marketers and advertisers can use to reach and engage their customer and prospects. This week’s #AdvertisingInsights focuses on mobile devices, specifically highlighting: digital video ad share by content length and device in the U.S., Twitter for driving sales, and global app retention and frequency of use in the U.S.

Smartphones are the ideal choice for short form video for the on-the-go consumer. This chart from eMarketer shows that 69% of digital video ad views served in 2015 Q3 by FreeWheel to smartphones were for video content shorter than 20 minutes. For digital video ad impressions served on desktop and laptop devices, 59% were under 20 minutes. Advertisers should align their videos to the specific devices that people use to watch.

As the holiday season approaches, consumers eagerly anticipate the new gifts they will get, including the newest edition of the iPhone or Android devices. Recent data from Twitter and MarketShare Partners shows that over half of Twitter users are open to switching carriers and will spend up to 60% more on wireless than the average customer. For advertising smartphones, Twitter is 2.4x more effective at driving sales than other ad channels and produces a nine dollar return on ad spend. As an advertiser in the telecommunications industry or who sells smartphones, you can use Twitter to drive sales of new plans or devices.

Once a consumer purchases a new smartphone, that person will need to download apps! In the U.S., nearly half (49%) of smartphone app users use six to 10 smartphone apps on a weekly basis and over a third (36%) use 11 to 20 apps each month according to eMarketer. However, retention rates for new apps downloaded after the first day are only 29% of apps downloaded by Android users and 26% downloaded on iOS devices. By day 30, just 3.3% of Android apps and 3.2% of iOS apps are still used. With the Facebook Audience Network, you can extend the reach of your Facebook ads into the mobile app ecosystem. Additionally, it is important to use the first party data from your mobile app to re-engage users who have stopped using your app after the initial download. You can utilize Facebook app events to create custom audiences to target those users based on engagement, or lack thereof, with your app.

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