No one knows the value of ease and efficiency like DUFL, which was founded to make life simpler for business travelers. The company cleans and stores the garments customers need for trips, and then ships a suitcase directly to specific destinations throughout Europe, Canada, and Asia. Busy customers have high expectations and meeting them is critical.

That’s why the company started using the Salesforce Customer Platform from the beginning. Unlike many other startups, DUFL didn’t jump from one fire to the next, winding up with a collection of disconnected point solutions, each designed to solve a specific problem. Founder and CEO Bill Rinehart knew Salesforce from a previous company and had experienced firsthand the value of a connected, scalable platform for a growing business.

“Delivering an amazing customer experience is our mantra,” Rinehart explains. “Salesforce lets us keep a complete record of each individual’s unique needs, so we can provide a customized experience and exceptional support at every touchpoint.”

DUFL customers register and create an account within the DUFL app and the company’s back-end systems. Account information is imported to Salesforce so externally-facing teams can access customer information quickly, in a user-friendly format. Rinehart says, “The ease of use, flexibility and transparency of Salesforce lets us focus on our core competencies and growing our business.”

The company uses Sales Cloud to manage accounts and track activity so it can win more customers. Fully integrated Service Cloud is the primary support interface for support agents who also take advantage of plug-ins like CTI and translation to keep customers happy. And is used for internal trouble tickets and service operations.

Rinehart shares the story of a customer who ruined the heel of an expensive dress shoe and asked the company for help. DUFL’s Concierge Desk created a ticket and had her heel repaired by a local cobbler and the shoes were back in her DUFL closet and ready for the next trip within 48 hours. And, since the case was managed via Service Cloud, the company has a solution that can be referenced the next time a customer needs shoe repair (which has already happened).

Just as DUFL enables customers to travel more, and more easily, Salesforce has enabled the company grow without growing pains. With just 25 employees the company can easily handle 10% month on month growth while maintaining a retention rate of 99.89%.

Rinehart says, “We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an exceptional experience, a white-glove service without the luxury price tag. Not only do we expect our trips to go off without a hitch, we also expect the customer service experience to be above par. We will always go the extra mile for our customers and Salesforce makes it possible for us to give our customers the excellent care and service they deserve.”