Think about your top clients. Are they leaders in the local market? Do they have large customer bases in their own fields? Why do your clients continue to do business with you?

These questions reflect the critical reasons why you need to ask your top clients for help. They are experts in getting your message out through word-of-mouth advertising, and they can help your business grow beyond your expectations. If that doesn’t sound enticing enough, think about these three reasons why your top clients can prove to be your biggest ally.

1. People like to help

It’s part of human nature. People like to help others when possible, and this desire to help is multiplied when they like the person asking. You should always make it a goal to have a rapport with your top clients so asking for help or tips in the right way should feel natural. Don’t make your request sound demanding or urgent. Make it a part of your normal check-in and be open to any suggestions you receive.

2. The employees of your clients know who needs and wants your products and services

Who’s better to help you find new great clients, than one of your great clients? Your top connections have their own customer base, and that connection is the link between you and the end-user. Look at businesses that cater to a variety of industries, those clients will know the landscape much better than you do.

Bridging this gap will help you to:

  • Increase sales by having a better understanding of needs
  • Access a wider range of customers in different industries.
  • Inspire top clients to recommend your services to friends, family, and acquaintances.

3. You can improve your relationship with your top client

When you work directly beyond actual sales with your top client, you open the lines of communication further. This builds rapport and strengthens the ties between your client and your business. In addition to helping you find new clients, an open level of communication is good for your client as well. You could refer individuals to their services, and both businesses will grow.

The relationship with your top client is also the cornerstone of good business. You can bounce ideas for expansion and growth off one another, and you can recommend new venues to explore. If you have a bad experience with a vendor and share the experience with your client, you can both learn what avenues to pursue.

Now, there is a caveat to keeping the lines of communication open. You must not become a nuisance, so follow these tips to keep the relationship fresh and helpful.

  • Never email a client more than once per week without a response.
  • Avoid discussing the details of your other clients unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Don’t get into the mindset of sending all forms of communication at once. In other words, if you send an email, don’t call unless it’s urgent.
  • Discuss things that are of personal interest. However, avoid certain topics that can incite angst, such as politics, unless your business is already heavily involved in the respective topic.

The client-business relationship does not end when the sale is over. You can learn how to expand your customer base and increase leads if you connect beyond the sale with your top clients. In addition, the social relationship alone can prove to be a major marketing avenue for your business. One connection in business can have a domino-effect for your budding enterprise.

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