Mobile-friendliness has become the default for digital marketers, as mobile behavior on the web and in email inboxes blow past their tipping points.

The majority of email opens now take place on mobile devices, according to data from Litmus’ Email Analytics. And email marketers have responded to that trend by accelerating their adoption of mobile-friendly email design, whether it’s mobile-aware design or the more sophisticated responsive design, according to joint research by Litmus and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. On the web, Google’s threats to penalize sites that aren’t mobile-optimized in search results has helped spur mobile-friendly adoption there, with nearly all websites now delivering solid experiences for mobile visitors.

The downside of these very positive trends is that consumers—who have become accustomed to getting mobile-friendly experiences—are increasingly hostile and punitive toward brands that disappointment them, according to joint research by Litmus and Fluent Inc.

This infographic summarizes our findings, highlighting the great progress that marketers have made, while also making clear the risks that remain for brands who have not embraced the Age of Mobile.