Last week, CNN featured our partner Polaris in a segment called Can ‘Big Data’ stamp out human trafficking? Polaris is a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and modern-day slavery using tips from their telephone hotline and real-time data. We’re so excited to see them get such great recognition for all of their amazing work.

We love having partners like Polaris, and we love being able to help them achieve their mission to make the world a better place. At Salesforce, we love to see our Customer Success Platform leveraged by companies to discover opportunities and insights from the tremendous amount of data being generated every day.

In the CNN piece, Polaris CEO Bradley Myles explains, “Our partnership with Salesforce was started with realizing that every single hotline call we receive—we need to collect great data on that call. So we built out this whole system of call tracking and data collection on the calls.”

Back in 2006, when we first started working with Polaris, their case management, hotline, and policy teams all tracked data separately. Information was collected in Excel spreadsheets and a paper-based system. Finding and connecting all of their information was time-consuming, and Polaris couldn’t keep pace with the increasing volume of confidential hotline calls. They needed a more efficient way to capture call data, so we used our expertise in helping companies effectively manage customer information to build out a customized system using our CRM products, including Service Cloud and

Polaris receives on average 100 calls per day. Now, with Service Cloud, case managers have a systematic way to track and follow up on these calls, saving 2 hours per day with mobile access to Salesforce by eliminating paper-based systems. Specialists can focus on handling crisis issues and spend less time on administration. By having a 360-degree view of their trafficking data, Polaris can implement specialized response protocols based on the type of trafficking they encounter. They can monitor call operations, measure the impact of conversations, and identify and map out regional trends. Using Chatter to connect every employee, response times are improved and all of the right people are connected to the right information in moments. They can also increase global coordination and analyze data from other organizations in order to fight crimes on a global scale.

Congratulations to Polaris on their mission and all of the success they have achieved!

Polaris runs the U.S. Human Trafficking Resource Center’s hotline. To contact the hotline, call call 1-888-3737-888 or use the code “BeFree” (233733) to send a text message.