When you ask employees of small and medium-sized business what they like best about it, they’ll usually point to the office culture. There’s the excitement of building something together, and the quick-paced energy that bigger companies can’t match. Employees often describe their co-workers as a second family; they build strong relationships and connections that last for years. Plus, there’s the additional career benefits: moving up the ladder fast, experimenting with new tools and processes, and enjoying more flexibility on the job.

Small businesses also excel at delivering great customer service. Smaller teams are able to react quickly and creatively to resolve problems and give customers a personalized experience that gets lost at bigger companies. Studies have shown that this higher rate of customer satisfaction translates into stronger workplace cultures. Why? Happy customers make happy employees. It’s a cycle of achievement. No wonder culture at smaller businesses is so strong.

But what happens when the business inevitably grows? Part of what prevents that energized atmosphere from going stale is new projects and growth. Yet, sometimes growing teams, tough challenges, and more pressure sucks the magic out of that small-business atmosphere. So entrepreneurs face (yet another) tough task: how do you reap the benefits of growth, while keeping the inspiring and motivational culture intact?

To say that it’s a delicate balance to maintain is a gross understatement, so we asked our network for real-life advice. Our group of small business founders, CEOs and researchers shared their advice on what small and medium businesses can do to keep up the energy as they grow. See some of their answers for yourself:

Don’t Kill Your Culture! from Salesforce

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