Being a content producer in the high-tech industry doesn’t mean we can just sit back and write about all the revolutionary and innovative things happening around us; it means we have to actually be revolutionary and innovative.

And since making up new words doesn’t really count as innovating, we decided to embark on something a little more legit: interactive content.

What is interactive content, you ask? It’s a virtual activity that has the amusement of a video game with the usefulness of a Google search. And it can work wonders on improving your presence in the content marketing game. Here are 3 benefits of interactive content.

1. It’s pretty … pretty fun!

So you say you’re a numbers kind of person. But we’re guessing that you’ve got a dormant creative streak in there, too. You just need the right outlet. So here it is: interactive content. Free yourself from stock photography and play with new typographies, templates, colors and layouts. Fashion yourself as a designer.

Click on the image below and we’ll show you what we mean by “pretty”

2. Captivate your audience

A good writer knows that in order to delight a reader, you have to show, not tell them a story. The same is true with interactive content: You can embed ROI calculators, animated quizzes, and video — all props that will show your audience ways in which they can use your solutions to their advantage.

Click on the link below and we’ll show you what we’re talking about

3. Insights into your users

And not in that big-brother kind of way. We’re referring to the insights that help you help your users (and customers). With interactive, you can learn a lot about how people are engaging your content: Are they scrolling to the bottom of the page? Clicking on the next chapter? Did they hover over the key takeaways or take your quiz? Action is revealing. Use these new insights to drive the evolution of your content strategy.

Click on the tiles below to get more insight into how interactive can take your content to the next level

So there you have it: 3 pretty compelling reasons to revolutionize your content. No go have fun with it!