As a modern marketer, you email your customers, post to social channels, and buy ads to promote your latest and greatest offers. But how do you coordinate these channels? Do you critically think about who you do (or do not) reach on each channel? We share three data-packed advertising insights that show: 1.) the explosion of internet ad spend across North America, Europe, and APAC, 2.) how to use email data to personalize your advertising, and 3.) how Instagram video ad completion rates differ by country targeted. Digital advertising today allows marketers to leverage first party data to build 1-to-1 customer journey to drive desired results across any advertising channel.

Annual internet ad spend surpassed print, TV, and all other channels in North American and Western Europe in 2014, and nearly surpassed TV in APAC. In the graph below, Benedict Evans shows internet ad spend has had the fastest growth since it was introduced to the market. In all major markets, print has declined whereas TV still continues to grow gradually. Advertisers see greater results when running ads on digitals channels, like Twitter, alongside TV ads than just TV alone.

In addition to pairing TV and digital ads, when you coordinate email marketing efforts and advertising you extend the reach of your campaigns and drive customers to convert according to a joint study between Salesforce and Facebook. To do this, you must first understand how your email audience behaves. A recent report by LiveIntent used email engagement data to develop an audience profile of Shoppers and Fashionistas. For audience segment, the peak email open time was 5pm, but the peak time for converting was 1am. A retail brand could create a profile like this using its own first party data, automate creation of a Facebook Custom Audience of customers that engaged with an email offer but have yet to convert, and then target them in an ad campaign at the times its audience is most likely to convert. It could also run a re-engagement ad campaign on Instagram, a mobile first platform, to this segment to any subscriber that has opened less than 18 emails on their smartphone per 30 days. Use the data you have in email to personalize your advertising to your customers to drive the results you desire.

Another channel that allows you to target your known customers is Instagram. For any targeted audience, Instagram gives you the ability to measure the amount of people that watch 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, and 100% of your video. As seen in the Salesforce Advertising Index 2015, for ad campaigns with an objective to drive video views, across Australia, the U.K., and the U.S., over a fifth of all videos were watched to completion. Different audience segments will interact with your ads differently, so analyze the performance of your campaigns to optimize your creative strategy for each of your audience segments. For more tips on optimizing your video creative strategies, read how Facebook video ad completion rates vary by country.

Download the Salesforce Advertising Index 2015 Annual Report for many more data-highlights including how ads perform across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.