In just three short months, United States citizens will vote for their next president. This will have major implications on advertising costs in the same way that Mother’s Day or any other holiday would. So there are some key tactics you should adopt to keep your ROI high during the heated competition for voter attention.

Already, the Clinton campaign and pro-Clinton groups have booked an enormous amount of ad spend on TV and Radio. This graphic by AdAge demonstrates the planned spend is over $110 million more than that Trump and his external campaign supporters. In addition to TV and radio, candidates for local elections all across the U.S. will allocate spend on digital channels. The increased competition will likely influence overall media costs in key swing states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio, raising CPMs. Make sure to plan your budgets accordingly and adopt tactics that drives business results. So what tactics exactly?


The best place to start is with your current customers. By leveraging the past interactions of your customers with your brand, you can re-engage customers that previously purchased or opted-in to receive your communications but have now become dormant. Scotch & Soda and agency, emark, targeted inactive customers with Facebook ads to achieve a remarkable 16x the return on advertising spend.


Another option is to provide timely and useful information to users when they are in discovery mode. People turn to mobile search to research or purchase, and expect their needs to be addressed in that moment. Data from Google shows that “one of every three smartphone users has purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended to because of information provided in the moment they needed it.” Make sure you show up in search to win customers over from your competitors by providing great content. Additionally, the most important factor to 73% of consumers is regularly getting useful information from advertisers. Use ads to be proactively relevant to your audience at every touchpoint to build brand loyalty.

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