This is the final post in our four-part Data Strong Organization infographic series. Be sure to check out our Sales , Marketing, and Sales Ops infographics.

When CRM is working to its full potential for your business, it’s a beautiful thing. Employees are working efficiently, performing high-value tasks instead of manual processes. They’re making informed data-driven decisions that reap higher returns. And customers are happy because their experiences with your business are personalized and seamless.

But a CRM isn’t always easy to manage because data is difficult to manage. Endless data is being generated every second of every day. There are errors in it, whole sections missing, and duplicate data causing confusion. Worst of all, just when you think you have it all tidily contained, it changes quickly and becomes outdated. CRMs are only as strong as their data, so it’s up to the heroic CRM administrators to safeguard all of the valuable information you’ve amassed to inform your business strategies. Administrators act as CRM champions, showing the organization the value of having a single source of truth and encouraging input to develop an effective data strategy. They bridge the gap between the CRM and all departments, helping to set standards for contributing, curating, and securing data. By having a data-strong CRM administrator on board, data quality increases, teams work smarter, and the entire company can trust the data in the CRM.

In the infographic below, we take a look at how CRM Administrators are the backbone of a data-strong team. Take a look and download the free e-book to find out how data-centric teams drive business success.