This week we bring you the latest update regarding the rewards brands can get from using video advertising with Twitter. In addition, the growth of video views on Facebook compared to YouTube is astonishing, and revenue per user is following those views. Finally, we share data on strong Facebook adoption across the globe.

It’s not new news that video advertising has seen great increase in mobile. In fact, US advertisers expect to increase mobile video ad budgets 70% this year, to $2.62 billion. That’s over one third of total digital video spend estimated this year (eMarketer). Twitter is known for being a strong performer in mobile viewership, with over 80% of Twitter usage on mobile devices. Alongside its strength in mobile, Twitter is harnessing the power of digital video growth. Combining these trends, Twitter reported that 90% of video views on Twitter occur on a mobile device. Twitter also showed that according to Neilsen, purchase intent for consumers is 28% higher when exposed to branded video on Twitter. For this reason, brands should experiment with video ads on Twitter if they are not already doing so.

Another social channel to pay attention to for digital video is Facebook. From 2014 through 2015, Facebook increased 91% in video views per person, compared to a 10% decrease on YouTube (Mixpo). YouTube has traditionally been the digital video leader, however Facebook’s growth is giving YouTube a run for its money. In 2014, the monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) for Facebook was $0.73, compared to just $0.28 YouTube (VentureBeat). In addition, Facebook has a far greater ability to reach mobile viewers and advertisers can target ads based on Facebook’s rich data about user interests and who they are.

For our final insight this week, GlobalWebIndex shows that Facebook’s penetration in many markets is extremely high. As of Q1 2015, Facebook now has more than 1.44 billion monthly active users, up 13 percent year-over-year (VentureBeat). In addition, Facebook has 936 million daily active and 798 million mobile daily active users. It is especially popular among young, urban, and affluent demographics. Countries like Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia show especially high membership numbers (around 95%) for this reason.  In most countries, typically 40-55% of online adults are also members. Even in China, which has officially banned Facebook, a third of online adults have an account!

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