The digital world changes every second and, coordinating a customer journey in a secure and scalable fashion can be a challenging task without the proper resources. This week’s insights show the lift in brand metrics with mobile ads, how marketers work closely with IT, and the growth of mobile programmatic in Canada.

When it comes to measuring brand lift, mobile advertising dominates desktop because mobile ads take up the majority of a user’s smartphone screen. Additionally, a consumer can view mobile ads while  on-the-go or shopping in-store. When measured on awareness and favorability, mobile ads achieve a two times greater percentage point lift than desktop ads according to a research report by comScore. However, bottom of funnel metrics such as likelihood to recommend and purchase intent have three times greater percentage point lift than desktop. Incorporate mobile spending into your overall advertising strategy, especially when when a buyer is closer to purchase, by using mobile native ads across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

According to eMarketer, marketers in France, Germany, the UK, and the US break down organizational silos with 39% of business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing managers in these markets already working cross-functionally with IT departments. However, that means the other 61% of marketers still need to build those relationships. If you haven’t started building these relationships, you’re missing the boat because you can be sure your competitors have! With Facebook Custom audiences, you can reach your known customers on Facebook and Instagram, but you might need to collaborate with your IT department on how to use your customer data for advertising.

Meanwhile in Canada, the share of mobile programmatic digital display ad spend in 2015 will reach 54% of mobile display ad spend and just under half of all display ads, according to eMarketer. By 2017, the share of programmatic of all mobile display ad spend will grow to nearly three quarters of all mobile ad spend, amounting to over C$1 billion. While both mobile and desktop programmatic ad spend is growing, programmatic spend on mobile is growing faster than desktop and by 2017 the share of desktop programmatic spending of total programmatic display spending will drop to 32% or C$487 million, falling from 57% or C$504 million.

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