Get your fix of global advertising trends in this week’s advertising insights blog. See how digital advertising revenue rises and falls throughout the year in the U.S. while continuing to grow overall, the share of mobile commerce transactions among retailers in Western Europe, and the dramatic growth of programmatic spend in Asia Pacific.

Internet advertising revenues in the United States reached $14.3 billion in Q2 2015 according to IAB, representing a growth rate of 22.5% since Q2 2014. Compared to Q1 2015, Q2 2015 had just over $1 billion more in revenue at a 8.5% increase. Advertisers should make note of this seasonality right now as we go into the holiday shopping period; digital advertising revenue peaks in the fourth quarter due to increased consumer spending. Internet advertising revenues experience a decline in the first quarter followed by growth in the second quarter. Start your holiday campaigns early and be ready for higher costs.

The UK led Western Europe for mobile commerce in Q3 2015 as mobile devices accounted for 46% of the transaction share among digital retailers, up from 43% in Q1 according to eMarketer. The Netherlands followed with 35% of all transactions being mobile. Every single country surveyed shows a gradual increase in mobile commerce as a percentage of all transactions since Q1. Instagram is a mobile-first platform with 14 million users in the UK. The holiday season is a great time to try using instagram to engage your audience with highly visual images and videos and drive them to purchase on your mobile website or within your mobile app. Learn how to reach your mobile audience with Instagram ads in our free Webinar on 10/28!

Programmatic spend in Asia will hit 35% market penetration, growing faster than any other region in the world at 73%. As seen in the chart by Campaign Asia, programmatic spend in Australia is projected to reach roughly $900 million by 2019, surpassing traditional digital ad spend. The bulk of spending in Asia-Pacific is done in Australia, Japan and China, but Indonesia, Vietnam and Korea are quickly emerging as markets with increasing programmatic spend.

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