One of the biggest mistakes you can make is treating a B2B buyer like a B2C buyer. When you’re dealing with a member of the public, you can rest easy that you won’t have to deal with someone who knows your business like you do. In the case of a B2B buyer, you’re dealing with someone in the same industry. The whole mechanics of the purchase is different.

If you want to make a good impression when you next meet a B2B buyer, bear in mind the following tips.

1. Stop Skimping on the Homework

It’s blatantly obvious when you didn’t do your homework. Looking up a few quotes from the CEO simply isn’t enough. You’re not attending a job interview. Know the ins and outs of how your buyer does business. Don’t ask them what they do or how they market. That’s a wasted twenty minutes of chatter.

Know how your buyers do business before the meeting. If you need to ask a question, ask through email prior to the meeting. Not only does this maintain efficiency it shows you’re genuinely interested, which always leaves a good impression.

2. Selective Listening

Selective listening is where you’re taking in the conversation to give off the impression of listening. Really, you’re just looking for an opportunity to jump in and explain why your product is awesome and why they should give you money.

The fix?

Shut up. Listen to everything and stop trying to jump in. Don’t speak until at least a few seconds of silence has passed. It’s better to be a good listener than a good talker.

3. Reading from a Notebook

The modern B2B buyer understands they don’t know everything. They’re looking for an education as much as they are looking to convey about what their business does. Stop reading from the notebook and form targeted and unique opinions based on the client’s situation. Throw ideas around and don’t worry about saying what the client wants to hear.

4. Leave the Business Pitch at Home

The business pitch is a dull lecture filled with slides nobody really wants to endure. A pitch doesn’t invite discussion. It’s explaining what you have and going through a list of benefits. Stop this method of B2B selling. Your buyer should feel as if they’re in a two-way meeting. That’s how you’re going to keep them interested and intrigued.

5. Aggressive Negotiations

Sales is often characterized as an industry of aggression and power. It’s about challenging buyers and demolishing targets. They want to solve a problem and they want you to help them solve that problem.

Change your perspective in sales. It’s about you and the buyer versus the problem. When you alter your views in this way, you’ll soon discover that buyers react more favorably to you. Unfortunately, many modern businesses still see sales in the 20th century manner. Get out of the habit!