For B2B companies, LinkedIn is the ultimate social media site for reaching customers, but measuring your success can be difficult. In order to make the most of LinkedIn, you must have strong presence. Here are five ways to measure your effectiveness on LinkedIn:

1. Post Content Consistently

Going to a company’s LinkedIn page and seeing that the last post was 2 weeks ago is a disappointing experience. Discover what times you see high interactions and impressions with your posts and create a content calendar around them. Creating a schedule allows followers to look forward to and anticipate your content.

2. Engagement on Posts

Great engagement is more than just likes. Look at the whole picture when measuring success. Impressions, link clicks, likes, and shares can all be the most important measurement depending on your objective. Is your goal awareness? Try looking at impressions, likes, and shares. Is your goal getting someone to a webpage? Measure yourself on link clicks.

3. Having a Diverse Audience

Knowing your follower demographics can help you make better content decisions. LinkedIn provides analytics on your audiences including seniority, industry, company size, and function. Tailor your LinkedIn content to include all segments of your audience.

4. Post Lead Generation Content

Have a new e-book, event, or webinar? Post it! You don’t need to save that content for paid channels. It works great for your organic audience as well. And it’s free! If you have content that is performing well, try sponsoring it using LinkedIn Ads.

5. Receiving LinkedIn Mentions

Make your LinkedIn page known! If people are talking about you, you want to be mentioned. LinkedIn mentions increase a company page’s reach through the mentioners’ network. Encourage employees to tag you when posting company content, and make sure to interact with posts your company is tagged in.

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