Being part of the Salesforce Research team in 2015 has provided a great front-row seat to industry surveys and research across many hot topics — from wearables at work to high-performing sales teams.

As we inch closer to the end of 2015, there’s no better time to reflect on the past year and what we learned. With the publication of our 2015 State of Sales report, what stood out most to me was the analysis of what it takes to be a winning sales team. These days, what are the truly great sales teams doing to be king (and queen) of the mountain?

Based on our research, here are five lessons learned in 2015 about what it takes to be a high-performing sales team:

1. Top Sales Teams Maximize Analytics Use

High performers use tools to view real-time business analytics and make informed decisions in the most efficient manner. Their mantra is “accountability drives productivity” and they enforce best practices by measuring activities and pipeline.

2. Top Sales Teams Go Mobile

High performers are significantly more likely to use a mobile sales app, closing deals from anywhere at any time. They understand that mobility is imperative for any team that wants to win.

3. Top Sales Teams Break Down the Silos

High performers are significantly more likely to rate their sales team as a key differentiator and view sales as the entire company’s responsibility. The power of selling as a team helps reps connect with experts across the company and keep deals moving.

4. Top Sales Teams Optimize with Tech

High performers meet the needs of today’s customers by working smarter with tech solutions. They’re significantly more likely to have already replaced all or most of their sales apps with cloud-based solutions. They supercharge their processes so they can spend time wisely — selling and making customers successful.

5. Top Sales Teams Find Ways to Innovate

High performers see growth opportunities around connected devices and wearable tech, and they consider how cutting-edge advancements can help reps stay connected and informed.

Check out more highlights from the 2015 State of Sales research in this quick video or download the full report for some plane reading as you make your way home for the holidays!