16 HR Apps to Boost Employee Engagement

Shutterstock_158861324According to a recent Gallup poll, 70% of employees are not engaged at work. But when they are, they’re 21% more productive—and 87% less likely to leave companies. That means employee engagement is an issue that should be at the forefront of every organization. And it’s one that often falls to human resources to manage.

Engagement encompasses every aspect of the employee life cycle, from onboarding to performance management to alumni relations. To make these processes more productive, more efficient, and, yes, more engaging, HR professionals are turning to technology.

To help in that effort, we’ve put together a list of top-rated Salesforce AppExchange apps that can help organizations recruit, manage, train, and collaborate with employees in a more engaging and effective way.


Great companies start with recruiting and hiring great people. Here are some apps to consider:

TargetRecruit is a full-featured app designed to help staffing firms with recruiting and hiring, as well as sales, marketing, accounting, and social media.

Jobscience helps HR teams with applicant tracking, skills rating, candidate scoring, and other tools to help find and recruit candidates.

Talent Rover is applicant tracking software with sales and marketing functionality. The platform emphasizes straightforward workflows and interfaces.

Recruiting helps organizations track applicants and open positions, filter candidates by skills and qualifications, and communicate with candidates and hiring managers.


Human capital management is about more than just storing data; it’s about helping employees grow. These apps can help:

Fairsail Human Capital Management includes performance management, talent planning, employee development, HR administration, and more, as well as a self-service portal.

Financial Force HCM provides modules for HRMS, compensation planning, recruiting and onboarding, performance and talent management, and benefits administration.

m|ployee encompasses HR and recruitment, as well as time, talent, expense, and performance management. Added features include reporting and dashboards, workflow and approval management, and internal communication.

XCD HR Management System offers tools for recruitment, performance management, compensation and benefits, training and development, time and attendance, and payroll integration.


Here are some apps that can help keep your organization learning, evolving and progressing in the right direction:

Almond is a free mobile and desktop learning management app. The app allows organizations to create and administer quizzes, tasks, and external resources, as well as track and reward employees’ progress.

Litmos learning management system allows participants to access training materials at any time, from anywhere. Litmos also includes custom branding, activity feeds, notifications and feedback, and analytics.

Learnsmarter helps organizations streamline training for customers, partners, distributors, and staff with a simple, scalable platform.

Cornerstone for Salesforce allows organizations to create and deliver customizable training materials. Users can also incorporate gamification, internal networking, and mobile learning into their training plans.


Communication is the first step toward collaboration. Apps like these facilitate that communication in real-time:

Apttus X-Author for Chatter provides dynamic interaction between Microsoft Office, Salesforce Chatter, and Salesforce. The app also tracks and shares activity in any structured database, including Salesforce.

Box has all the basics of collaboration software—file sharing, document editing, comments, and more—combined with powerful tools like task assignments and customer activity monitoring.

FileIt™ for Document Management, a SpringCM app, is an enterprise content management system. Teams can create, store, and share documents, and track when files are viewed or edited.

Compliance Locker gives users access to all the advantages of Salesforce Chatter, while ensuring that their communications stay compliant with legal and organizational requirements.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of industry or company size, employee engagement matters—and HR teams are going to need all the tools at their disposal to help improve it. With these apps and other Human Resources apps from the Salesforce AppExchange, you can start engaging your employees today.