If you’re looking for a reason as to why all of your hard work using social media isn’t translating into revenue, the odds are your strategy is the problem. Most sales teams are using social media at an ad hoc level where they may have been provided with a little training and given tools like LinkedIn or social media dashboards that help share content and find prospects. This is usually where it stops.

What’s missing is a comprehensive understanding of how their social media activities align with their sales process or buyer’s journey. Most reps aren’t keeping up-to-date segmented lists that show what stage their prospect is currently in. Most also don’t have social network optimized content that aligns with the buyers journey. If you fall into either of those scenarios, you’ve been fishing and not hunting.

Sharing your company’s content to your public feed in hopes of capturing a news leads or to build awareness is fishing. This is usually paired with connecting with people that express interest and match your buyer persona.

Hunting is the strategic monitoring and segmentation of your current opportunities in order to monitor the social accounts of your pipeline. This monitoring leads to sales reps sharing the right content, designed for that buyer/stage based on a real-time signal. During the dark periods that are between traditional communications, this technique is designed to accelerate the sales process while building trust and value.