Does the most content winThe simple and quick answer to this question is. “No”. Too much content makes an article seem unfocused, and can feel like a waste of time.

Social Sales shouldn’t be about trying to get the most content out on your social networks. I can tell you that I have “muted” or “removed” the people who post too much content. A few quick points on this topic:

  • What is too much content? Posting something approximately every hour. I have seen accounts that post more frequently than that. Obvious exclusions to this would be an account that is a news source or news-filtering account.
  • Why? Because it is too much unnecessary content. I feel over saturated as a follower/connection, and I have found that there is maybe one piece of their content out of 10 pieces that really has any value to me. The problem is it is too much for me to look at, so I get lost.

Think about Quality over Quantity. Think of the value of a clear professional message about your products or services versus an outpouring of unnecessary information. Time is one of my most valued commodities, and I don’t have time to waste sifting through posts to try and find the ones that have substance. The bottom line is that someone who takes the time to efficiently deliver the right message has shown me that they value my time, and that is important.

This value shift is a very important aspect in Social Sales. Connections want a thoughtful and meaningful conversation that provides value. This post on LinkedIn and the comments associated with it are a great example.

Social should not be a one-way conversation, and it can quickly become that when you are the only one talking. My next blog will talk more about how a salesperson can create and maintain the right productivity balance to achieve Social Sales success.