I hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s! I came across an article towards the end of 2015 that talked about the risk of personal information Bubbles created by Social Media. Since most New Year’s celebrations include bubbles, I thought this would be a playful and great way to start off 2016.

This article published by Kurzweil highlights an Indiana University Research Study. In essence, it talks about the personal risk of using Social Media as a news source because it can isolate your influence. I will concede that some points might be valid, but here are my quick points in clarification from a professional perspective and for companies on some action steps that reduce that risk.

Burst your personal Bubbles. Make sure establish more Bubbles by using LinkedIn Groups and Twitter Lists to segment your Social Information. This is absolutely one of the best things about Social Media with the right tools. You can segment multiple spheres of influence and cut through the noise of the unimportant. This increases your exposure to more information because you can spend time looking at your important information versus trying to sift through all information.


Be the Bubble. This doesn’t mean keeping your bubbles all to yourself like the yellow fish in Finding Nemo. If you are a company, use a communication platform to maintain and support your employees establishing them as thought leaders (Bubble Makers). Everyone has a voice and a sphere of influence whether it is Social Sales or Social Advocacy.

Build the Bubble. Think of your Bubble like the fizzy lifting drink scene in Willy Wonka. It should give you clarity to connect with others with content and conversations. This highlights the importance of your content, so make sure you have a plan in place.

wonka bub

Blow some Bubbles. Expand your horizons. Remember the fun you had when you were a kid using a bubble wand in the backyard or chewing a whole pack of bubble gum to try and get the biggest bubble possible. You don’t have to be part of a “topic” Bubble forever, so feel free to change as your needs changes.

Just keep Bubbles in perspective. They should add excitement, enjoyment, and focus to your life, but not dominate your world as your only existence.