When people think about social selling the first line of thought is the use of LinkedIn. However, what many salespeople forget is that Twitter might be as powerful if not more powerful than LinkedIn when it comes to sales triggers.

I recently read an interesting post on sales triggers by Gerry Moran (30 LinkedIn Sales Triggers). This inspired me to write this post I agree with Gerry on the fact that sales people do not always see or understand social selling signals.

Twitter is an ideal channel to get on a buyer’s radar. Not only can you follow him/her but you know exactly what they share, comment and are interested in. It can also spark a conversation leading to a connection and an in-person meeting. Twitter provides you an ideal eco-system to share valuable information with your clients and buyers.

The hurdles many sales have to overcome is to create a good presence on Twitter followed by following their clients and prospects (both company accounts and personal accounts). And then the fun starts!

Here are 24 Twitter sales triggers you should be using to start conversations. When your contacts…

  1. Becomes a new follower
  2. Becomes an Unfollower
  3. Adds you to a list
  4. Retweets one of your tweets
  5. Quotes one of your tweets
  6. Sends a reply to your tweet
  7. Mentions you in a tweet
  8. Is mentioned in a tweet
  9. Favorites your tweet
  10. Mentions a topic you follow
  11. Use a hashtag you follow
  12. Uses one of your hashtags
  13. Shows up in a twitter search
  14. Is tagged in a picture
  15. Tagged you in a picture
  16. Tweets a picture
  17. Tweets a video
  18. Tweets a link
  19. Tweets a quote
  20. Recommends you (#FF)
  21. Is recommended (#FF)
  22. Asks a question
  23. Sends you a Direct Message
  24. Is part of a DM Group discussion