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Those who arrive, survive.

Terminus, the zombie survival location coined by the popular TV show The Walking Dead, isn’t just a safe haven from walkers; it’s also the name of a new marketing software platform that can prolong the life of your content through account-based automated campaigns.

B2B Account-Based Marketing Automation

Terminus is a fresh approach to content marketing that hinges on the idea of targeting content promotion to your CRM accounts. This allows you to measure your content ROI based on the micro-conversion activity of the accounts’ interaction with your content. By analyzing when and if conversions occur with the targeted content, it allows you to segment the results to see how much impact the micro-conversions had towards the final macro-conversion.

Email marketing automation can be useful for delivering prospects various types of content based on a workflow, but it has its limitations—not the least of which include low open rates. Targeted display advertising for specific content assets, then, augments content marketing efforts to ensure prospects see the right content in the right phase of their journey through your funnel. This is called account-based marketing.

Once integrated with your CRM (currently available only for Salesforce), Terminus allows you to target accounts in specific levels of the funnel and place them into a workflow for content distribution. It utilizes the relationships that brands and publishers have already made to continually engage their audience at the right time to drive results.

For example, ensuring new leads get middle of the funnel content can help grow trust, while prospects that have already had multiple meetings can be delivered bottom of the funnel content (e.g. product comparisons) to maximize the number of touches on the way to conversion.

Marketing automation is nothing new for the team at Terminus. Founded by ex-Pardot employees, they leveraged their collective expertise in marketing automation to begin automating content distribution as well. They created Terminus as a self-serve content distribution platform that allows users to drive their own workflows for their own content in other channels including mobile, display and video.

How It Works

It only takes about 15 minutes to setup a marketing workflow in the Terminus platform.

First, a user integrates their CRM and pulls in all the accounts they want to market to. Currently Terminus only integrates with Salesforce, but you can manually select the companies you want to target based on stage within the funnel even if you don’t use Salesforce.

Next, determine the professional level or title that you want to market to (e.g. director, C- level) as well as any other pre-set targeting criteria you wish to employ. From there, Terminus creates prebuilt groupings by scouring LinkedIn and other sources to create a segment of users to market to.

Finally, construct creative advertisements for your content using various pre-set sizes and parameters according to the channel you’re targeting. You can then repeat this process and create multiple ad groups to distribute your content to segments within various levels of your funnel.

Targeting is great, but reach is most important in getting your content out to the masses. Terminus partners with major ad exchanges including Youtube, Facebook, Adscale and Google, as well as established publishing partners like Washington Post, Forbes and Entrepreneur, to ensure your content gets delivered at scale to the right audiences.

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Why This Matters

While email marketing typically takes the lead role for engaging with prospects, it won’t move leads faster if those emails don’t get opened. Inbound marketing can only do so much, so greater exposure is always better to ensure that your prospects get the highest amount of touches possible on their way to conversion.

In fact, delivering content to prospects that have been segmented according to their location in the funnel allows you to measure the value of your micro conversions and can be incorporated into your lead scoring system to determine which are the best leads to pursue (and to save your sales team a lot of time).

Terminus is currently offering promotional pricing at the flat rate of $100 a month. If you are a B2B company who requires the granular targeting that Terminus can provide, I recommend giving this a try.

Content works best when it’s delivered to the right place at the right time; utilizing Terminus helps maximize that opportunity. With its hyper-segmented targeting and great reach capabilities, it might be the distribution safe haven you’ve been searching for since the Content Apocalypse started.

As we enter the second half of 2015, it’s safe to say targeted content distribution has grown into some really mature technologies, but we still have a long way to go before reaching “sanctuary for all” from the display zombies that continue to run amok.