No one knows your industry better than you. You have years of experience working in your specialized industry and dealing with your specific client base.

With all that said, the question of who should create your content seems like a no-brainer — you should.

But, should you really? Just because you know your industry inside and out doesn’t mean you have the capacity or right skillset to take on the responsibility of creating your brand’s content.

This is where an outside content agency comes into play. And it’s also probably where you’re going to ask yourself if trusting someone else to create your specialized content is really the right choice for your brand.

Are they going to keep our best interests in mind? How can they grasp what our unique business and industry are all about if they don’t have the experience and years of knowledge that I do?

You’ll most likely ask yourself these questions and more, but believe me when I tell you that there are several benefits to finding a content marketing agency to use and trust. Here are four of them:

It Saves You Money & Time

You’ll pay a quarterly fee for an agency’s services, but that’s less than what you’d pay to do it in-house. Choosing the latter means you’d be paying for:

  • new full-time employees with salary and benefits
  • short-term content creators to work during busy times of the year or on certain projects
  • specialized training for current employees to fulfill your content marketing needs

Outsourcing content allows you to be more flexible with your marketing budget, saving you money to put toward other important projects.

Time-wise, you don’t have to juggle any more projects or tasks that are already filling your plate, nor do any of your employees. Content agencies are also trained to deliver valuable content with a fast turnaround time, so you get the content sooner than you would if you or another busy team member were creating it.

It Ensures Everyone Sticks to the Editorial Calendar & Content Strategy

A reputable agency’s best friend is their editorial calendar. It keeps them organized and on track to complete your content on time. This also ensures your content strategy is followed.

Work with the agency to create your editorial calendar and be sure each party has access so they can make updates and follow the progress of each content piece.

You Get the Benefit of Professionally Trained Writers & Editors

Like I mentioned above, it takes a special skill set to be able to create high-quality, attention-grabbing content that your audience is drawn to.

Most agencies nowadays hire journalists to be their content creators and editors. They’re trained for that type of work. They have the experience to thoroughly research topics. Their efficiency on the front end paired with a strong command of the English language can provide well-written, grammatically correct content that flows smoothly and speaks to your audience as if they have years of industry experience.

These talented agency content creators also have great communication skills to work effectively with your in-house marketing and sales teams. Through such interactions, they are able to get a better understanding of your industry and what your audience wants, which helps them brainstorm better content ideas for your brand.

It Provides Results

An outside agency has the marketing expertise to deliver the results you need. They understand the web, have experience with content strategy and know how to measure data to meet your content marketing goals. Hiring the right agency means you’ll finally generate the traffic you’ve been wanting, convert more of your website visitors into leads and then nurture those leads into loyal customers.

So how do you go about finding an agency you can trust? There are four things to look for that separate bad agencies from reliable agencies. The best ones are:

  1. client focused
  2. selective in who they work with
  3. provide content samples and case studies that demonstrate how their content marketing is impactful
  4. have a broad knowledge base and expertise in various industries

Trusting your content with an agency strengthens your content marketing strategy and consistently provides you with different types of high-quality content. So while you may think your industry is too specialized to trust an agency with your content, that simply isn’t true if you do your homework and hire the right agency. You can trust me on that.